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Money saving tips for the New YearBack

If you’re recovering from the financial strain of Christmas, and looking for ways to cut your spending in the New Year, it’s well worth following the Trusted Dealers’ top tips on how to save money when running your car.

Your car is usually classed as the biggest expense aside from your home, so it’s well worth actively taking measures to reduce your spend. And before you start thinking this means you must buy a smaller car or drive fewer miles, read our tips below to prove that you can stick with the car you want and still save cash.

Car insurance – look at your policy and make sure that you’re not paying for anything you don’t need or use. Many people have legal cover on their car insurance which they do not need. It might be that your home insurance or current employer can cover this element of your insurance. Breakdown service is another stumbling block, check first that you are not covered by an existing policy. Many people obtain a joint policy so it might be that you are already covered on your partner’s policy, in which case you need to cancel this element of your policy as soon as possible, or remember when renewing its time to renew it.

Check fuel costs – Be savvy when it comes to filling up at the pump. Don’t just settle for the nearest garage around and fill up your tank, make some comparisons on fuel prices in your area and make sure you go to the cheapest place. You can find out which petrol stations have the best rates in your local area by logging onto websites such as Remember that even buying fuel at 5p less per litre could make you a substantial saving over a yearly period. Avoid motorway services where possible as they usually charge more, and instead opt for supermarket forecourts which tend to be cheaper and which sometimes offer customers fuel discount coupons when purchasing groceries in store.

Servicing and repairs – if your car is due for a service make sure you haggle with garages to get the best price you can. Prices are usually not fixed, so if you catch a garage owner at a quiet time then you could be in for a discount if you play your cards right. If you prefer to use franchised dealers, phone round a couple in your area to find out which is the cheapest, or ask your nearest dealer to match the cheapest price you’ve found.

Keep your tyres pumped up – one of the biggest expenses motorists can incur without even realising it is down to the pressure in their car’s tyres. Often people don’t check this regularly, so they end up driving around with deflated tyres which use up more fuel. Regularly check your tyre’s pressure is correct so that they are safer and roll more easily which will help you to achieve better fuel economy and save cash.


Posted by Leana Kell on 27/12/2011