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More tips for travelling with kids this ChristmasBack

Car journeys with kids at Christmas can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t prepare well and make sure you have plenty to keep your brood amused.

Christmas time can be one of the hardest times of year to travel due to the difficult winter conditions which often present themselves on the roads and the dark nights which mean you’ll probably spend the majority of your journey in the dark.

Taking all this into consideration, it’s essential to stay calm, be prepared and ensure your journey is both safe and stress-free. To do this, follow some of the Trusted Dealers tips below:

Stock up on food

It’s important to make sure that you’ve plenty of snacks and drinks to while away a long car journey. One thing to avoid is fizzy drinks as they are sticky and messy, and can leave your kids feeling restless which does not make for a relaxing car journey. Avoiding sugary foods is sensible for the same reasons. Some of the best food to take is fruit and smaller packets of snacks which can be accessed and eaten easily by small children without too much mess being created.

Entertainment is key

With iPods and iPads gaining more and more popularity, they are a great addition to any long car journey and guaranteed to keep your children amused. You can even plug two children into the same handset using a headphone splitter plug. Download some of the kid’s favourite tunes or stories to keep them amused, but make sure you always provide headphones to avoid the distraction of irritating music and sounds.

Travelling late pays off

If your kids are young then it’s advisable to travel at night to ensure a more peaceful trip. Preparing the kids for bed and putting them in their pyjamas does not only signal to them that it is night time, but it also saves you a job when you reach your destination. Put them into the car and make them cosy with pillows and duvets, then play some relaxing music and hopefully they will nod off. You can then settle down to a quiet night’s drive, although make sure you make the recommended two hourly stops in order to stay alert.

Don’t grin and bear it

If things get stressful and the kids are really kicking off, then its best to make a stop and take some time out. Don’t let tempers rise as it might distract you from the road and lead to a potential accident. If you’re stressed, you’ll not drive as safely so it’s well worth getting a cuppa and letting the kids burn off some pent up energy. If it’s really late then book into a cheap motorway hotel if you can – there are plenty of Travel Lodge’s and Premier Inns available offering good deals and discounted prices at Christmas time.

Posted by Leana Kell on 14/12/2011