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Most memorable car adverts of 2013Back

BestTVads There has been some fantastic car adverts created this year, and some not so good ones, but most of them will have evoked some reaction from viewers.

Car adverts are designed to be gripping to compel us along and submerse us into the world behind the wheel of the latest and greatest car on show, and most of the time, it works.

Take a look below at Trusted Dealers’ pick of the favourite five adverts from 2013.

Citroen’s DS3 advert

This summer the TV ad for the Citroen DS3 had many of us captivated. It featured hundreds of uniformed people marching through city landscapes then cut to the non-uniformed DS3 with a slogan which read “challenge convention”. The track which went with the advert known as C’est Beau La Bourgeoisie had been a hit in continental Europe when it was originally released in 2008, and became highly sought after in the UK following the advert.

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Honda’s ‘Optical Illusion’ advert

This advert is intriguing and has the viewer gripped from the start. Honda shows off its latest fuel efficient SUV and the message is “through the ingenuity of its engineering, Honda has designed a fuel efficient SUV and made the impossible possible” says Honda. The idea behind the commercial for the Honda CR-V 1.6 diesel was that everything is not always what it seems and this is portrayed fantastically well. It’s a clever, brilliantly executed advert which will compel you to watch it again and again.

Watch this advert.

Fiat 500L ‘The Motherhood’

Designed to make every mum in the UK smile. This crazy TV advert for the Fiat 500L shows how Fiat has really gone to every length to advertise the practicalities of its new car. It creates an original gangster style rap entitled ‘The Motherhood’ which features a mother of children who raps about the drudgery of life as a mum and refers back to what her life used to be before she was swamped by changing nappies and mopping up mess. It will keep you entertained providing you have the time to watch it all – which most mums don’t!

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TvadsMercedes-Benz ‘Sound with power’

The Mercedes-Benz ‘Sounds with power’ advert made it to our top five simply because of its amazing soundtrack which features a unique remix including samples from Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’ to ‘Tidal Wave’ by Sub Focus. The advert provides an alternative way of demonstrating the roaring capabilities of the new Mercedes E63 AMG engine and in this way the company has enlisted popular music in such a way that it is highly appealing to the mass market.

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Volkswagen ‘Baby Television Advert’

This is a clever advert which is designed to appeal to all of those parents who have ever had trouble putting their child to sleep. It shows the classic situation whereby a father is driving around in his new Volkswagen Tiguan desperately trying to get his baby to sleep. At first it seems he has achieved the inevitable and the baby is sound asleep but Volkswagen’s new Start/Stop technology soon intervenes and every time the Tiguan’s engine cuts out the baby wakes up again and starts crying, reminding viewers that despite crying babies, “at least you’ll save money on fuel.”

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Posted by Leana Kell on 20/12/2013