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Motorists fight back against the state of Britain’s roadsBack

Potholes are becoming an increasing annoyance on Britain’s roads, in fact, I doubt there is any motorist who would not agree that the presence of potholes on so many of the roads is becoming a real problem which needs to be properly addressed and dealt with by the council.

Over the past few years we’ve suffered from much colder winters, with the amount of potholes increasing dramatically due to heavy, lingering snowfalls causing the road surfaces to quickly erode. The result is that more motorists are suffering damage to their cars from unforeseen potholes.

It is a known fact that Councils across the UK are constantly shelling out money to irate motorists who have suffered damage to their vehicle as a result of a pothole, but with £200 being the average compensation for vehicle damage and a total of 22,000 successful claims last year alone, the damage is becoming an increasing problem for tax payers.

Poor road maintenance costs drivers more than six times what it would cost the council to actually patch up the roads, and drivers are having to make claims to the council for damage to their vehicles to avoid losing their no-claims bonuses reports Simon Douglas from AA Insurance.

He added: “Insurance isn’t an option for many. Drivers are unwilling to claim as they risk losing their no-claims bonus. The cost of repair may be less than the rise in premium.”

The latest news from the Government has continued to outrage motorists who have learnt that the Highways Agency has been told to ignore any motorway potholes if they are smaller than the size of a soup bowl from the year 2015.

As a result, the amount of road tax that motorists are now paying to keep their cars on the roads is constantly rising. Camilla Dyson from Sheffield explains how she bought an 18 month old VW Golf two years ago and sold the car for next to nothing thanks to all the damage it had received from potholes, exclaiming the roads in Sheffield are a “disgrace”.

At high-speed, a small pothole can crack a driveshaft, facture shock absorbers or snap a suspension coil spring, all of which cost a lot of money in repairs. Martin Mosley from Carparts-Direct, a mail order company who supply Steering Racks and Driveshafts to motorists said: “our Steering Racks and Driveshafts are remanufactured items so the old part is returned to us when the job is done. Some are damaged so badly they are useless. In twenty-five years I have never known this level of destruction. It is unsafe.”

Potholes are causing an ongoing problem which needs to be addressed by local councils now.


Posted by Leana Kell on 21/09/2011