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Motorists urged to go electricBack

GoElectricMotorists are being urged by the government to go electric in a bid to cut £24.5 billion from fuel bills.

This week, figures released from the government and backed by Go Ultra Low highlight how motorists could save £750 per year in fuel and tax if they switch to ultra-low emission vehicles.

Research released this week details how British motorists are missing out on savings of almost £24.5 billion every year by not taking advantage of ultra-low emission motoring.

Figures show that while the cost to fuel a petrol or diesel car is around 12p per mile, the equivalent cost for an electric vehicle can be as low as just 2p per mile. With the average car travelling around 7500 miles per year, the difference in annual spend could be as great as £7505 per motorist, and tens of billions of pounds across the nation.

To help promote the low cost of efficient motoring, Go Ultra Low has provided motorists with a list of handy hints and tips to help save cash behind the wheel. Trusted Dealers summarises some of the top tips below.

Keep your boot clear

Don’t clutter up your boot with everything but the kitchen sink – make sure you regularly clear your boot out and take out any unnecessary items. A cluttered boot with affect the economy of the car, and ultimately cost you more in fuel.

Check your tyres

Keeping your tyres inflated at the recommended levels will help you to get more miles to the gallon, so make sure you check the pressure of your tyres regularly.

Be sensitive

If you’re driving a plug-in hybrid car, be sensitive with your foot. Smooth acceleration will prevent the petrol engine from kicking in, and using the electric motor alone will save you money.

Limit air-con

The air-conditioning system in a car takes energy away from the engine, making its fuel economy worse – if you have an older car, the impact will be even greater, so it’s well worth remaining frugal with its use.

Take care

The biggest influence on fuel consumption is the driver. Aggressive driving can increase the amount of fuel burned by as much as one third so go easy on your right foot and try to remain cool at all times.

Plan journeys

Planning journeys can save you a lot of unnecessary time driving around. Choose the most efficient route from your satnav system, and if you’re in an EV you can also plan your charging along this route.

Wind it up

Driving with your windows down increases aerodynamic drag, meaning that the engine has to work harder to propel the car. At motorway speeds, your engine can be over 20% less efficient with the windows down – roll them up and you’ll see your mpg figure go up with them.

There ‘s now a whole host of electric vehicles available to suit any lifestyle, from city run-arounds and family hatchbacks to 4x4s and sports cars. For more information on how you can save cash by going electric, visit:

Posted by Leana Kell on 07/08/2015