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Motorways to avoid this summer!Back

m25Motorways are not the most scenic way to travel, but let’s face it, they can (usually) get us from A to B fairly quickly. Knowing the motorways to avoid this summer will help make for a more relaxing trip away.

There are certain motorways that are best avoided at all costs if you are keen to get to your destination without losing your rag, and Europcar has recently revealed Britain’s most hated motorways to drive on during the summer months.

Over one third of motorists who took part in the survey voted the M25 as the top motorway to avoid, with the M6 proving to be unpopular with 11 per cent of voters and the M5 by 6 per cent of voters.

If you are thinking about taking a trip across the UK by car this summer, Europcar has provided some top tips on how to keep your stress levels down:

Is my car large enough?

This might seem like a simple question but many people forget about the amount of luggage they will need on a longer trip. If you think you are not going to fit it all in, now is the time to start looking at a roof box or consider upgrading to a rental car. Both options might add further cost to your journey but can be priceless when it comes to comfort levels for your passengers.

Travelling with kids?

If you’re travelling with kids, it is well worth making sure you’ve packed all the essentials such as wet wipes, drinks (non-fizzy ones) and snacks. Remember that whatever snacks you bring will more than likely find themselves on the floor of your car so avoid sticky or smelly foods in favour of lighter, healthier ones.

Use a map

Wherever you are going, make sure you have planned out your route before you set off, and then use a satellite navigation system for added reassurance if you can. There is nothing worse than getting lost on what is already a long and tiring journey, so planning ahead should help to avoid this.

Choose your time wisely

If you have a long way to go and you are travelling with children too, it is a good idea to plan the best time to set off on your journey. Travelling at night is sensible providing you have the stamina to keep awake during the night. Hopefully the kids will sleep through and you can all enjoy a much needed breakfast when you arrive at your destination.

Keep them entertained

To avoid the same old words, “are we there yet?” from cropping up too often, it is well worth taking along some in-car entertainment. For children you can try audio CDs or DVDs, or if this doesn’t work, how about an old-fashion version of I-spy? Providing kids with a map so they can follow your route and spot landmarks on the way is also a great way to keep them occupied.



Posted by Leana Kell on 19/08/2013