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Dubai carsDubai has an increasing problem, its filling up with abandoned cars. We don’t mean your classic old banger, we’re talking really nice cars.

For several years, a number of high end sports cars are being abandoned and left to gather layers of dust in airport car parks and on roadsides across the city.

Why is this happening? In Dubai there’s a serious car culture. It’s a wealthy country, and with a wealthy population comes a wealth of flashy cars, with a particular preference to the latest and greatest in high-end supercars.

However, like many parts of the world, Dubai has fallen on hard times. Having once been the centre of the oil economy and sporting a booming property portfolio, many foreigners, especially British, invested in its red hot market.

And so, we witnessed a boom in ex-pats driving the streets in the latest Italian and German sports cars, perfectly in keeping with their millionaire lifestyles, until the global crisis came along…

Now, Dubai is facing a growing problem as thousands of expatriates, and locals alike, dump their finest cars and flee the country to escape crippling debts. Debts are in fact a crime in Dubai, with an unpaid debt or even a bouncing cheque a criminal offence, which is why many foreigners simply panic, dump their expensive cars and run to the airport at top speed to escape.

If you’re looking for a Ferrari, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes, why not check out the car park at Dubai International Airport? You’re bound to find at least one dust ridden motor with an apology note attached to its windscreen from a frightened owner – some even have the keys left in the ignition.

Last year, one of only 4 hundred Ferrari Enzo cars was seized by Dubai police after spending several months in a car park gathering dust. It went to auction along with a number of other supercars simply plucked from the dust.

Residents continue to complain about the dust-ridden cars obscuring the view from their fancy yacht clubs and littering their streets. If I was them, I’d be looking for a very large duster.

Posted by Leana Kell on 29/05/2015