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New cars for Bond movie, SkyfallBack

As the latest James Bond movie opens at the box office, just about everyone is talking about it, but the main thing which interests us is the fantastic set of cars which feature throughout.

The new film, entitled Skyfall, hit the box office last week and is the 23rd film to be made from the famous secret agent franchise. In every Bond film the most famous and prominent car featured has to be the Aston Martin, and the latest movie features one of Bond’s favourite models, the DB5.

But what other cars can we expect to see? The opening sequence of the film features a Land Rover Defender Double Cab pick-up which is driven by Daniel Craig’s new co-star, Naomi Harris who plays a fellow British agent known as Eve.

Inside knowledge has revealed that it is not actually Naomi doing the driving of the Defender during this sequence, even though she is seen in the driver’s seat. The actual driver is Ben Collins a stunt man who is positioned in a pod on the roof.

One of the next cars to feature in the film is an Audi A5 3.0-litre TDI Quattro which is driven by Bond’s latest evil villain known as Patrice, played by actor Ola Rapace.

Another popular set of wheels featured in Skyfall is a Honda CRF250F motorbike which takes a very important role in the opening sequence when James Bond gets on the bike to chase Patrice. In fact, at one point there are as many as three Honda bikes onscreen at the same time.

The choice of wheels for popular character ‘M’ throughout the film is a long-wheelbase Jaguar XF which is used to transport onscreen legend Dame Judi Dench. She doesn’t drive the car herself but is chauffeured around, just as you would expect!

Land Rover not only features its popular Defender but also the luxury Range Rover. In fact, Jaguar Land Rover supplied 77 cars in total to Skyfall and Tata took over from Ford as the main vehicle sponsor. Bond is seen getting into the back seat of a Range Rover for a while and there is lots of Range Rover Evoque cars positioned in the background within scenes.

Kia is also a prominent brand featured in the film, especially when it comes to the police cars. Some of the models used include the popular Kia Sportage and the Kia Optimas.

And finally, the best car you have all been waiting to hear about is the classic Aston Martin DB5 which is Bond’s personal car throughout the film after he won it gambling in Casino Royale. The model is a mid-sixties DB5, the same as Sean Connery once drove in Goldfinger and Thunderball back in the Sixties.

So, why is it that an Aston Martin DB5 from 1963 is appearing in a 2012 film as opposed to a more contemporary model? A spokesman for Aston Martin explains: “The top and bottom of it, is that the DB5 fitted with the plot [of Skyfall]. It emphasises the timeless appeal of the DB5 and the company’s long association with Bond.”

I don’t know about you, but the Trusted Dealers simply cannot wait to watch the new movie!


Posted by Leana Kell on 31/10/2012