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New Year motoring resolutionsBack

HappyNewYear2015With Christmas now over and the New Year upon us, it’s a good time to make some new year motoring resolutions to ensure a safe 12 months of driving.

Trusted Dealers has put together below some new year’s resolutions to help make driving in 2015 more economical, safer and to ensure that all of our customers get the best from their motoring this New Year.

Reduce fuel costs

One of the largest bugbears amongst drivers is down to the amount of money that is spent every year on fuel costs. but with fuel set to drop at the pump below £1 per litre this new year, a great start has been made. Further ways you can reduce expenditure is to reduce the weight of your car by removing excess equipment, avoid slamming your brakes on in heavy traffic, accelerating slowly from take off and reducing the use of your air conditioning – eventually the savings will all start to add up.

Buy a smaller car

If you don’t need to own a larger car, why not downsize your vehicle to a smaller one? There are plenty of city cars currently on the road offering excellent fuel economy such as the Volkswagen Up! or the Skoda Citiago. Or, if you need a slightly larger vehicle than this, plan to trade your car in for something better suited to your daily needs – perhaps go for the class below your current one to enjoy a more frugal motor.

Check your tyres regularly

A surefire way to save money on your car running costs is to ensure you check your tyres and tyre pressure regularly. For a full breakdown on how to check your tyres correctly, or to learn how to change a flat tyre, please click here. In 2013, it was estimated that 63% of cars in Europe were running on under-inflated tyres which costs a total of £4 billion per year in wasted fuel.

Check your vehicle regularly

Taking greater care of your vehicle in general throughout the year should ensure that you catch any problems early to prevent them escalating into a larger problem, for example washing and regularly waxing your car will help to keep it protected throughout the winter months from road salt and grime that can lead to corrosion. Checking your oil levels, water coolant and battery strength will also help to reduce the chance of a breakdown.

Invest in breakdown cover

If you don’t already have breakdown cover, now is as good a time as any to get some. Breakdowns are far more likely to occur in the winter months when vehicles are frequently exposed to bad weather, so it is well worth making sure you are covered for this eventuality. Breaking down without cover is not only a huge inconvenience but it will also amount to a much larger expense.

Drive carefully

Be courteous to other drivers where necessary and obey speed limits to ensure a safe and more pleasant driving experience. Reduce your speed where necessary, and remember that if you hit someone at 30mph there’s an 80% chance they’ll live – travelling within your limits enables you have more chance to react to a situation in time and could save a life.

Use your car less

If you’re keen to save money on fuel, one way you can be sure to achieve this resolution is to use your car less. Try to walk shorter journeys or ride a bike where possible. You’ll not only be helping to reduce the carbon footprint, but improving your fitness levels too.

The team at Trusted Dealers would like to wish you all a frugal, safer and happier motoring New Year!

Posted by Leana Kell on 01/01/2015