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Nissan introduces the world’s first self-cleaning carBack

280414 New nanopaint technology by NissanDo you find cleaning your car a constant bug bear? Or does the thought of a visit to the car wash make you shudder? The introduction of Nissan’s new nanopaint technology could make washing your car a thing of the past.

Nissan has recently revealed a new paint which the company claims will stop your car from getting dirty. Nissan’s new nanopaint technology enables cars to repel dirt before it sticks.

The image above illustrates the split on the car, with the nanopaint being used on the right but not on the left showing how this new and revolutionary paint can stop dirt from sticking to your car.

It is believed by the team at Nissan that nanopaint will come as a welcome relief to thousands of drivers who would rather run a mile than wipe down their dirty cars, and it is set to be an option on all of its future models.

Watch the video!

The nanopaint is being tested in the UK on the new Nissan Note currently built at a plant in Sunderland and it is estimated that the addition of the new nanopaint technology will set buyers back by around £450 – similar to the cost of a metallic paint option.

A Nissan spokesman said: “Washing a car can be a chore – and a costly one at that. In response, Nissan has begun tests on innovative paint technology that repels mud, rain and everyday dirt, meaning drivers may never have to clean their car again.”

The new nanopaint has been developed by scientists to produce a ‘super-hydrophobic’ and ‘oleophobic’ paint capable of repelling both water and oils. It has been applied to the all-new Nissan Note supermini to create what it calls ‘the world’s first self-cleaning car’.

Chief marketing manager Geraldine Ingham said: “The Nissan Note has been carefully engineered to take the stress out of customer driving and Nissan’s engineers are constantly thinking of new ways to make families’ lives easier.

“We are committed to addressing everyday problems our customers face and will always consider testing exciting, cutting edge technology like this incredible coating application.”

Nissan claims it is the first to apply the trade-marked technology called Ultra-Ever Dry on automotive bodywork and will be testing it ‘in the real world’ over the coming months at its European Technical Centre at Cranfield in Bedfordshire.

Posted by Leana Kell on 28/04/2014