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Performance cars of the past and presentBack

JaguarF-typeThe new Jaguar F-Type coupe has recently come out, and quite frankly, we just can’t fault it. Receiving a five star rating from leading buyer’s guide, What Car?, it is described as “sublime to drive” and “hard to fault if you’re after a high-performance sports car”.

It seems that Jaguar have got the F-type spot on, but it’s taken a long time for performance cars to reach their present day heights – Trusted Dealers takes a look back at the evolution of some of the world’s most iconic cars over the past few decades.

Jaguar E-type

The Jaguar E-Type known as the Jaguar XK-E went on sale to the public between 1961 and 1975 and its combination of good looks, high performance and competitive pricing contributed towards its iconic status in 1960s motoring. During the 14 years it went on sale more than 70,000 cars were sold and in March 2008, the Jaguar E-Type ranked number one in the Telegraph online’s list of the world’s ‘100 most beautiful cars’ of all time.

Jaguar XJ-S

The Jaguar XJ-S swiftly followed on from its successful predecessor, the E-Type, and was produced as a luxury grand tourer from 1975 to 1996. The XJS (as t was later known) was based on the XJ saloon and was very different to the E-Type. It never acquired the same sporting image, but served as a competent grand tourer and was more aerodynamic. The XJS enjoyed huge success with 115,413 models produced in its 21-year lifespan.

Lotus Espirit

The Lotus Espirit was a sports car built in the UK between 1976 and 2004 and it is still a highly sought after model, with a new version recently being released. The original car was unveiled at the Turin Motor Show in 1972 as a concept car developed from a Lotus Europa chassis, and at this time Lotus had little idea about the success the car was about to enjoy! Today, the latest Lotus Elise, released as a 2014 car last year, has moved upscale to go in direct competition with Porsche, and will offer four versions known as the Elan, Elise, Elite and Eterne.

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is a revolutionary creation from Porsche and remains the flagship model of the current Porsche line up. Again, it receives a 5 star review from What Car? who describe it as doing “everything you want a supercar to do, plus plenty more besides.” Despite undergoing continuous development since its introduction in 1963, the basic concept has remained unchanged. It offers rapid performance mixed with superb body control, and the cabin is beautifully finished too. Couple this with its competitive pricing and it’s easy to see why the 911 still remains an excellent choice of supercar.

Posted by Leana Kell on 11/04/2014