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Planning a caravan holidayBack

Caravanning holidays remain very popular within the UK and it’s not difficult to see why. The convenience of being able to travel anywhere you like with a ready-made home attached to your car is an attractive thought.

That’s why a multitude of holiday makers choose a caravanning holiday over anything else and would class it as the ultimate means of travel. Not only does it offer you with complete flexibility and freedom, you can actually go on holiday just about any time you like with no preparation required.

If you’ve had a hard week at work and fancy a quick getaway, a caravan holiday is the perfect choice. You can simply climb into your car, head out onto the open road and drive where you imagination takes you. For useful tips on how to get started with a caravanning holiday, follow the Trusted Dealers’ guide below.

Choosing a caravan

Choosing your first caravan is an exciting experience, after all, it is like choosing a second home so it is a decision which cannot be taken lightly. Your new caravan will be like a home from home so you’ll want to ensure it contains all of the home comforts you’re used to. The type of caravan you choose depends on your individual needs. The most popular model is a single axis caravan, but there are plenty of additional options open to you. There are many ways you can purchase a caravan – online, at a show or from a dealer. Buying from a dealer is a good option as it will ensure you buy safely.

Become a member

Once you’ve purchased your caravan, you can benefit from becoming a member of a caravan club which will offer you entry to some of the best and most exclusive caravan parks across the UK at discounted rates. You can also obtain caravan insurance offering you added peace of mind as well as comprehensive breakdown and recovery service if required. Becoming a caravan club member will also mean you have the chance to become part of a large community of caravan enthusiasts who can offer you support and guidance wherever you go.

Choosing a location

Caravan sites vary in both size and the facilities they offer so finding the ideal site will depend on what you are looking for from your caravanning holiday. Most sites now offer a multitude of mod cons to include Wi-Fi and battery charging facilities, but the style and location of the caravan site is entirely in your hands. You may wish to stay somewhere fairly secluded and quiet, or you may prefer a busier site with more on-site entertainment such as a swimming pool and evening events, so it is well worth carrying out a thorough search online to find the ideal site for your needs before you set off.

Planning what to bring

The only thing you have left to do is decide what to pack for your caravanning holiday. You will be living in a small space, so there is no point filling it up with unnecessary holiday items. Remember, modern caravans will have plenty of handy cubby holes where you can stash items so they are out of the way, so it’s well worth exploring the storage space provided within your caravan, then deciding how best to fill it, to avoid unnecessary clutter.


Posted by Leana Kell on 18/03/2013