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Pros and Cons of Dash CamsBack

DashCamThis month, insurers have announced they will accept footage from dashboard cameras as evidence when drivers make claims.

Following the news, there has been a huge boost in sales of ‘dash cams’, which went up by 918% according to GFK, a market research company.

Nextbase, a car parts chain and manufacturer contacted 29 major British car insurers and received confirmation from each one that it would accept dash cam as evidence in a claim.

The company concluded insurers were beginning to realise the benefits of dash cams in fighting the current ‘crash for cash’ fraud currently costing the insurance industry an estimated £1 billion each year.

Below we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of owning a dash cam:

What is a dash cam

A dash cam is a small, forward-facing camera costing between £49 – £150, which can be placed on a car’s windscreen to prove liability if a motorist is involved in an accident.

Advantages of dash cams

  • Dash cam footage can speed up the claims process – a video is more reliable than an eye-witness account, and will costs the insurance company less cash to process.
  • Insurers have the opportunity to make huge cost savings, and could help to end cash-for-crash fraud.
  • Drivers who choose to use a dash cam could benefit from discounts as high as 12.5% from some insurers, saving an average £54 per policy.
  • Most dash cams record on a loop, and include a G-sensor, so if sudden movement is picked up, they won’t override that section of the video.
  • In car cameras can provide real peace of mind now it has been confirmed that the evidence can be relied on in court.

Disadvantages of dash cams

  • According to the AA, dash cams offer a “very one-sided view” and might not necessarily capture “the cyclist on the left-hand side or the cat on the road.”
  • Having a dash cam fitted to a windscreen could increase the potential for car theft – cameras are in clear view of thieves and can be dismounted easily.

How to pick the right dash cam

In order to gain the best quality footage, look for cameras that record in high definition. Ease of use is also a key factor as the footage must be simple and easy to review. Test the dashboard camera out first in the light and dark to rate its sensitivity for G-sensors. Rear-facing cameras are an added bonus as is the price of course!

Posted by Leana Kell on 20/05/2015