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Save cash on fuel: download our Hypermiling Handbook todayBack

With fuel prices at a record high, coupled with the recent loss of the UK’s AAA credit rating, the cost of fuel is almost certainly going to rise.

It is therefore a good time to start thinking about ways to save money at the pump, which is why the Trusted Dealers have recently released a new Hypermiling Handbook which is specifically designed to help UK drivers save millions.

The Hypermiling Handbook was created to help British motorists adopt clever driving techniques to improve the miles per gallon they can get from their car, and with more than 31 million cars on the UK’s roads, the handbook is designed to save individual motorists hundreds of pounds in fuel costs over the course of the year.

Developed in America, ‘hypermiling’ is a term used to promote the use of driving techniques designed to maximise fuel economy. In fact, if every motorist made a few very minor changes to their driving habits, as much as 40 per cent could be saved in fuel costs.

The Trusted Dealers’ 22 page handbook, which is available to download for free from the website, has been launched in association with Karl Dyson, the founder of the trend in the UK and a leading expert in hypermiling. Dyson has been hypermiling for 4 years and has subsequently set up his own website dedicated to the cause (

He comments: “The idea of hypermiling makes perfect sense. Fuel prices seem to be pretty much doubling every 10 years so people can’t afford to just ignore the impact that is going to have on their pocket, if not now, then in the future.”

Neil Addley, managing director of, added: “Hypermiling, if done sensibly, can save the average motorist hundreds of pounds every year and also make them a better driver.”

If you start by choosing a car which has relatively good fuel efficiency and then follow some simple tips, you can save massive amounts of money – and it’s also of huge benefit to the environment.”

Useful tips covered in the Hypermiling Handbook include everything from optimum driving speeds and how to plan the most fuel efficient journey to picking the perfect parking space and even the best music to help keep your fuel efficiency under control.

The Hypermiling Handbook is available to download for free from the Trusted Dealers website, or via


Posted by Leana Kell on 27/02/2013