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Scambusters campaign launchedBack

Trusted Dealers has just launched its Scambusters campaign which is aimed at educating prospective car buyers to become more aware of the scams which they could be faced with when purchasing a used car.

The used car market is full of hidden scams, especially in private sales, so it’s well worth being aware of some of the scams which have befallen other unsuspecting car buyers, so that when you come to buy your next new or used car, you’re prepared to ask the right questions.

The Trusted Dealers Scambusters campaign aims to support buyers through every stage of the car buying process by exposing some of the crooked dealings which they can be laid open to and therefore protecting them against crime, fraud and financial loss when buying a used car.

Alongside the campaign, Trusted Dealers is also offering buyers the opportunity to download a free guide to used car scams to show buyers how they can help protect themselves against unscrupulous traders.

The Scambusters Guide covers topics such as the key scams to look out for when buying a used car, the rules of thumb for buying a car online and the Trusted Dealers 10-Points of Difference which is offered to all car buyers who purchase a car with Trusted Dealers both online or from a dealership.

Neil Addley, Managing Director for Trusted Dealers said: “Recent studies for Trusted Dealers have shown that one in five private sellers and less-reputable car dealers are more than prepared to bend the truth to help sell a car.

In these times of economic uncertainty, when a used car might look like a more sensible option than a new car, it is easy to find yourself on the wrong end of a dodgy deal.

Our free Scambusters Guide to used car scams aims to successfully protect buyers from the pitfalls of buying a used car and we aim to make sure that every deal buyers make is a reputable one.”

To get your copy of the Scambusters FREE guide to used car scams today, click here, and if you’ve experienced any dodgy deals or used car scams in the past, don’t forget to tell us about them, so together we can help prevent scams on used cars to occur in the future.


Posted by Leana Kell on 27/09/2011