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Scambusters: how to avoid a clocked carBack

Don’t forget that the Scam Busters at Trusted Dealers are always watching your back, to make sure that you don’t get ripped off when buying a used car.

The Scam Busters guide available to download from our website is full of helpful tips on how to avoid getting scammed. The guide aims to prevent prospective buyers from becoming victim to the latest scams to hit the car industry, as well as educating car buyers on how to be savvy when purchasing a used car.

This month we’re covering Clocking, a very common and continuing problem within the motor industry. Follow some simple tips below to ensure you avoid getting scammed.

What is Clocking

This is a common scam amongst unscrupulous traders and involves cars with high mileage having their odometers changed to a lower mileage to make them appear better value. As well as clocking being a form of theft – selling you something that is worth less than it seems, it can also be very dangerous as important servicing and safety items could be over-looked if you think that the mileage is a lot lower than it actually is.

Common problems with clocked cars

When a car has been clocked with the incorrect mileage, areas of mechanical work such as cam belt change can be missed which can be extremely costly to repair if it is left too long.

How can I check my car isn’t clocked?

To check whether a car has been clocked you can visit which is a free service offered by VOSA/official government department which shows the mileage of the vehicle at every MOT check and whenever repairs are carried out. Remember that a car’s mileage can only go up, so if the figures are going down then you’re probably dealing with a clocked car.

Obtain a background check

It is well worth getting a car background checked as this will also show you the recorded mileages and some checks will also offer insurance so if you do discover that the car you’ve purchased has been clocked you can get compensation. All of the cars sold by the Trusted Dealers are history checked to ensure that there is no outstanding finance, previous crash damage or theft warnings, so all of our customers can have peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises.


Posted by Leana Kell on 25/01/2013