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Scary flood facts: motorists please readBack

FloodFactsRichard Yarrow, a freelance journalist for the AA’s customer magazine has shared some important facts in conjunction with the Environment Agency (EA) about the dangers that flooding can present drivers.

With flooding still a major issue in the UK, it is well worth taking a look at some of the facts supplied by the EA below related to flooding and maintenance of your car.

These scary flooding facts outline many areas which motorists will simply not have thought about up until now and in reading them you could prevent permanent damage to your car if it is subjected to any flooding in the future.

  • Just 30cm of flowing water can be enough to move the average family car. Double it to 60cm and that same vehicle will simply float away.
  • An egg-cup of water in your engine’s cylinders can be enough to wreck it.
  • If the speed of flood water doubles, the force it exerts on you and your car quadruples.
  • A third of flood-related deaths involve people drowning in a vehicle.
  • Fast-flowing water that’s just 15cm deep can be enough to knock you off your feet.
  • In water that’s waist high, a flow rate of one metre per second mean you will struggle to stay upright. Double it, and you and everyone else will be washed off their feet.

Yarrow goes on to describe how he has been “amazed by the number of motorists (he’s) witnessed just driving straight through (floods), barely pausing to change down a gear.” He strongly advises against attempting to drive through moving water and even in his seven-seat SUV, he admits he has “thought twice” about going through some of the larger puddles.

A survey commissioned by the AA and EA found 54 per cent of people would drive through moving flood water, potentially risking their lives. Equally worryingly, 42 per cent said they would blindly follow the vehicle in front if it had got through successfully.

For further information on how to stay safe in the floods and avoid irreparable damage to your vehicle, click here.

Posted by Leana Kell on 21/02/2014