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Steve Jobs changed the world..Back

Steve Jobs changed our attitude to design

At Trusted Dealers we try to steer clear of overstating stuff. We’d rather avoid hyperbole than overstate the “one careful lady owner who never went above 60mph”.

But with Steve Jobs taking a step backwards we’re moved to comment. True, we have taken the mickey out of the fact that all the designers we know use Macs when the rest of the world are quite happy with PC’s but we cant deny the “coolness” of what Apple has presented to the world.

The Apple interface inspired what’s good in windows and the iphone and latterly ipad have genuinely transformed computer use – taking us all on the journey from desktop to mobile. Not forgetting that we access music using our ipods and that Disneys fabulous Pixar (forgive them for Cars 2) was a Steve Jobs creation.

No doubt the ergonomics of the motor car have also been influenced by the proof that good design (and the perception of good design) will fetch a premium and, more importantly, has a receptive audience. I would argue that the Citroen DS range, the Range Rover Evoque, Nissan Leaf and the New Ford Focus are examples of outstanding design. Not quite ICars but not so far off.

So good luck with your health Mr Jobs. We hope that taking a lesser day to day role will put you well and truly on the road to recovery. And like other great designers and innovators your work will influence our tiny blue planet for many moons to come.

Who else do you consider should be at the top table with Steve?

Posted by Neil Addley on 26/08/2011