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Study reveals women are better at parkingBack

One of the most controversial debates between women and men drivers is who is best at parking a car. Most men believe that they are much better than women, but it is actually women who came out on top according to a recent study.

Parking a car is a stereotype that has been the root of countless jokes and ridicule from men who universally believe they are the most proficient gender when it comes to parking, but a study has proved the complete opposite – that it should be women who are handed the keys when it comes to handling a tight spot.

Car parks operator NCP recently analysed the parking of 450 drivers using CCTV records as well as surveying 2,000 more. The survey took into account a driver’s technique, accuracy and the time taken to complete a parking manoeuvre in order to create a ‘parking coefficient’.

Out of a total of 20, women received an average mark of 13.4 in comparison to men who received a mark of just 12.3. NCP explained the results by revealing that women were rated higher for using the appropriate speed and for having a good “pre-parking pose”, both of which ensured a successful manoeuvre.

But this was not only the area where women scored the highest. A higher percentage of women also finished centrally in their chosen parking space – 53 per cent, in comparison to 25 per cent of men.

Neil Beeson, a driving instructor who helped to analyse the results, said: “The views need to change. A little bit more caution is needed on the part of men, in the same way female drivers have shown.”

At Trusted Dealers, we are (of course) indifferent to this debate, but to help any men (or women) who need a bit of guidance when it comes to parking their car in a car park correctly, we’ve listed a few tips below.

Parking on an angle

If you’re parking on an angle stay at a safe distance from parked cars to that you can see and manoeuvre better once you’ve found an empty spot. When reversing always stay alert for cars backing out to leave their space, and always signal when you are ready to make a turn in, to alert other drivers of your intentions.

Perpendicular parking

When perpendicular parking, the trick is to bring your vehicle to a spot while keeping enough space from the row of parked cars on either side. Always stop with your wheels straight and your car centred in the space.


Posted by Leana Kell on 27/11/2012