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Survey reveals half of motorists feel ripped off by private sellersBack

servicing-10-points2A survey has revealed that half of motorists purchasing a used car from a private seller were dissatisfied.

Purchasing a used car from a private seller can be a “game of roulette” according to the RAC whose recent survey revealed that more than half of drivers who bought second-hand cars from private sellers said they were left feeling disheartened.

In a new study of more than 2300 motorists, 45 per cent of people who bought a used car privately felt they had been ‘deceived’ in some way by the person who sold it to them. Motoring organisation the RAC has said that the results of the survey reveal a “worrying lack of trust” in the used car buying process.

Out of the drivers who felt misled by a private sale, more than two thirds thought they had been sold a faulty car whilst one fifth felt they paid too much for the vehicle they purchased.

According to the RAC, two in every five used cars are sold privately. Half of those surveyed admitted they bought privately because they wanted to get the best value for money, but the research concludes that for many it actually proves to be a “financial gamble”.

The top three concerns motorists had when purchasing a car privately were that it had a mechanical fault (29%), the vehicle may be stolen (24%) or the car may be written off (13%). Further worries included acquiring a car that was still being paid for on finance, higher maintenance costs than expected and the cost of the car being less than what they actually paid to buy it.

Robert Diamond, managing director at RAC Data Services, said: ‘Buying a car privately can work out cheaper than going through a dealer and is therefore a popular choice in the UK.

‘But clearly many drivers don’t have a lot of trust either in the person they’re buying from, or in the car they end up driving away with.

‘Sadly, motorists are telling us that buying a car privately appears to resemble something akin to motoring roulette.’

He added: ‘What’s more, buying privately doesn’t afford the same levels of consumer protection as buying through a dealership – putting more pressure on making the right purchase of a vehicle.’

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Posted by Leana Kell on 26/01/2015