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Take care on the roads this summerBack

FamiliesAbroadWith British families set to drive more than 15 billion miles on holidays this year and almost half of motorists opting to take their car on holiday, Trusted Dealers is urging drivers to take great care on the roads and stay safe.

According to new research from Kwik Fit of 2,003 car owners, 46 per cent of motorists plan to take their car on holiday this year, covering an average 1082 miles. Furthermore, the average number of holidays by car being taken by UK motorists this year is 2.5.

While the vast majority of trips will be taken within the UK, with 13.2 million cars being used for domestic holidays, Europe will also see a significant increase in UK number plates with 2.2 million cars set to head to France and 550,000 to Germany, 520,000 to Spain and 390,000 to Italy.

Despite the distances covered this summer, many motorists admit they don’t make basic checks on their vehicle before a trip to ensure its in good enough condition to cover a long road trip. The survey found that one quarter of people (25%) do not check their tyre pressures, whilst more than half (51%) set off without checking the tread on their tyres, and almost three-quarters (67%) of people forget to check their spare tyre.

And it’s not just tyres that get neglected. The survey also revealed that just 44% of motorists check their coolant levels whilst just over one third (37%) make sure their brake fluid is topped up. Three quarters of people will even start their journey without checking their insurance policy is valid, whilst just under one quarter (24%) of holiday drivers will have their vehicle serviced, and 9% of people say they won’t check anything at all.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “Driving hundreds of miles in a short space of time will take its toll on any vehicle, particularly if you’re a family carrying heavy loads. To cover such distances safely and with peace of mind, it’s vital that holidaymakers carry out basic checks before they set off. If drivers are unsure what to look for, they can bring their car into any Kwik Fit centre to be checked over. After all it’s much easier to have it done there than on the side of a motorway at the beginning of a family getaway.”

Click here to visit our aftersales centre and find out more information about our servicing packages, tyre checks or to book your car in for an MOT this summer.



Posted by Leana Kell on 18/07/2014