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The UK could face another pothole crisis this winterBack

Councils have warned motorists this week that Britain is facing yet another major pothole crisis due to Government spending cuts.

Faced with another bad winter, the Local Government Association has predicted that further reductions in its road maintenance will leave Britain with thousands of miles of potholed highways.

The LGA maintains 180,000 miles of local roads throughout England and Wales and it has reported that nearly half a billion pounds has been cut from its highways maintenance budget since the Conservative coalition Government came into power in 2010.

If we are faced with another cold winter as the met office is predicting, the LGA fears that serious damage could be caused to the road network. The LGA has said that repairing damaged roads is 20 times more expensive than resurfacing them, so with the cutbacks which have been made, it could cause huge problems to the roads.

Defending the Government’s handling of this issue, Norman Baker, the local transport minister said: “Despite the economic challenges we are facing, this Government is providing over £3 billion to councils across England for road maintenance between 2011 and 2015, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining our existing transport infrastructure.”

“We also provided an additional £200 million in March 2011 to help repair local roads damaged by the severe winter weather in 2010.

“It is ultimately up to local highway authorities to determine how they prioritise their funding and the Department has simplified its funding streams to better enable them to do this.”

The Trusted Dealers has listed below some top tips on how to avoid damaging your car this winter due to potholes:

  1. Avoid driving over potholes whenever possible as it could result in an instant flat tyre.
  2. Always be on the lookout for puddles as potholes can often lurk underneath them, particularly if there has recently been a heavy snowfall.
  3. If you do have to drive over a pothole, make sure you slow down to avoid damage to your car, in particular to your shock absorbers and suspension system.
  4. If you have recently driven over a pothole, make sure you check your tyre pressure afterwards, as a sudden bump can be the cause of a soft tyre rip which if untreated could be costly and more importantly could cause an accident.



Posted by Leana Kell on 26/11/2012