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Tips for winter holiday drivingBack

With the winter holidays fast approaching, it’s time to consider how to get you and your family safely through a long journey.

Christmas time is one of the most popular times of year to travel, and many people will drive long distances to meet with family and friends and celebrate together.

Kids get very excited about Christmas and can therefore become a potential hazard when it comes to completing a journey safely, so it’s important to take note of some top tips from the team at Trusted Dealers, to make sure you stay safe as well as sane behind the wheel this Christmas.

Avoid breaking down

Breaking down can be one of the hardest and most tedious events if you’re travelling with children, not to mention the dangers of being stranded in cold conditions for long periods of time. That’s why it’s important to make sure your car is in tip top condition before you embark on any long journey. Check your car has been serviced within the time required and that the oil, coolant, washer liquid and tyres are all as they should be. Check all your lights are also in working order.

Keep a clean car

It always feels better to set off in a clean and clutter free car. It can make for a much more comfortable journey for you and your passengers and might be the thing which keeps you from tipping over the edge when it comes to the patience and understanding of small kids, and the tenth rendition of that famous line, “are we there yet?”

Do not rely on your sat nav

Make sure you always take an Atlas as a back-up for your satellite navigation, or better still, a print out from Google maps or the AA route planner to back up your journey plan. Some of the worst family arguments can be caused by losing directions and getting lost so be prepared for every eventuality.

Make regular stops

It’s important to make regular stops when driving to maintain safety and also to alleviate any pent up stress from the kids as well as give all your passengers a breather and a stretch of their little, or big legs. Swapping drivers every couple of hours is advisable if possible, or if you are the sole driver, make sure you take time out at every stop to fully recharge your batteries before the next leg of the journey.

Be prepared

The most important thing when driving in the winter months is to be prepared should you have a break down. Make sure that your luggage contains plenty of warm clothing should you need it and that you have essential items handy such as a torch and protective clothing for outdoor weather. If you have a mobile phone charger, make sure you bring it with you and where possible, always keep your phone fully charged.

Posted by Leana Kell on 07/12/2011