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Tips To Reduce Your Motoring CostsBack

With the Bank of England announcing that the current financial crisis may be the most serious since the 1930’s, if not ever, I thought I would pass on a few of the top money saving motoring tips to help drive (excuse the pun) down the cost of travelling on the road.

Pre MOT checks

Pre-MOT Checks

Pre-MOT Checks To Beat Common Fails

It is reported that 35% of all MOTs fail the first time round, and the truth is that far too many of these fails are due to simple avoidable reasons which you can prevent yourself.

Obviously the more technical faults will required a professional mechanic, but others you can fix using common sense.

Are all lights fully working? 1 in 5 vehicles fail their MOT due to a broken bulb of some description. With this in mind have a friend or family member sit in the car while you walk around checking every light: front, rear, headlights and dipped, hazards and indicators. Buying the faulty bulb yourself and installing will save you lots compared to the garage.

Check suspension. While a full suspension check’s difficult, to see if the shock absorbers have gone, quickly apply your weight to each corner of the car, then release. It should quickly settle back, but if not, it’s possibly a shock problem.

Is there tension on the handbrake? This is tricky to do yourself, so will need a mechanic to fix. If brakes feel loose and unresponsive, or the handbrake slides up without resistance and can’t be put at a set level, it’s likely there’s a problem.

Check petrol prices before you leave the house

Check petrol prices before you leave the house to save money

Find Your Cheapest Petrol Station Before You Leave The House

Before you leave the house and step in your car visit to find the cheapest fuel in your local area.

Fight you parking ticket!

Fight you parking ticket!

Fight Your Parking Fine!

If you feel that your parking fine was unjust it may be worth knowing that 57% of people who contest their unfair parking tickets win their appeal.

You normally have the right to appeal twice to the body that issued the ticket. If that fails, then take your challenge to the independent adjudicator. If your car’s been clamped or towed away you can appeal once to the council/police, then to the independent tribunal.

For more tips visit

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 07/10/2011