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Top five easiest cars to sellBack

QashqaiIf you’re looking for a new or used car, or you’ve had trouble selling your old one, it might be worth taking some advice from Glass’s.

Glass’s, a provider of car valuations, has released results from a recent study of more than 300 vehicles for sale online from trade outlets (franchise and private) over a four week period, to reveal the easiest cars to sell.

When purchasing your next car, Trusted Dealers advises that you do your homework before you walk into the showroom, particularly if you’re looking for a car that will sell easily when the time comes.

Below is the top five easiest cars to sell from Glass’s, along with how many days on average it took to sell them.

1. Nissan Qashqai
Average selling time (days): 25.3
It is no surprise that the Nissan Qashqai has come out as the easiest car to sell. Voted Car of the Year 2014 by industry expert What Car? the new and used models continue to remain highly popular with buyers. Over the past few years, crossover SUVs have seen a surge in the market, with more and more buyers being attracted to the higher seating position, the added space provided coupled with the option of 4×4 capability. The Qashqai offers buyers with an economical car that is classy, practical and refined.

2. Hyundai i10
Average selling time (days): 26.9
The i10 is currently one of the most popular small city cars around, mainly because of its price tag. But aside from being incredibly cheap to buy, the Hyundai i10 has a lot more to offer. It’s a practical choice if you’re looking for a city runabout that’s easy to park with low running costs. It offers enough space to seat four adults comfortably, and its boot is a decent size too. In fact, there is very little not to like about this little car – why not try it and see.

3. Volkswagen Bora
Average selling time (days): 27.3
Perhaps not the most obvious choice of car on the list, the Volkswagen Bora is based on Volkswagen’s trademark car, the Golf, and like all VW cars offers drivers a touch of class when you step inside the cabin. To drive, the Bora is refined and capable and there’s a wide range of engines to choose from, including the 1.9 TDI variant which would be our vehicle of choice. If you’re looking for a cheaper option that the Golf and a solidly built car, the Bora is a sound choice.

4. Audi Q3
Average selling time (days): 27.5
We’d have been surprised not to see an Audi car in the top five easiest cars to sell, simply because the value of the highly esteemed badge is enough to cash in on at resale. But the Audi Q3 has a lot more going for it than that. Whatever engine you choose, the Q3 is guaranteed not to disappoint with all of the variants providing a smooth and strong performance. Furthermore, the cabin is smart and solidly built, whilst running costs remain surprisingly low.

5. Audi TT
Average selling time (days): 28.0
Audi’s done it again with its highly popular Audi TT, due to be ungraded this year to produce an even edgier take on this well-loved car. The Audi TT offers a fun to drive, well built, attractive convertible car that is surprisingly affordable to own. That’s why it has soared in popularity over the years and is still in high demand today. With low running costs and good fuel economy, the TT remains a highly popular choice for those looking for quality and curb appeal – it has both of these in abundance.



Posted by Leana Kell on 23/04/2014