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Top tips for motorcyclists this summerBack

MotorcyclingIf you’re a motorcyclist, the summer months are some of the best for getting out and really enjoying your bike, but it’s wise to stick to some simple safety rules to ensure you stay safe on the roads this summer.

Trusted Dealers lists below some top tips to help put safety at the top of the agenda this summer.

Check it

Always check your motorbike before you head out for a ride, paying particular attention to tyre pressures, tread depth, chain tension and lubrication. In addition, make sure all the controls move freely where possible and are adjusted to suit you.

Wear it

It’s vital to ensure you’re wearing the right safety clothing whilst on a motorbike. The law states that only a crash helmet is required, but investing in clothing manufactured to a recognised standard will add some protection to your body in the event of an accident. Both leather and textile garments come with protection for vulnerable areas, so avoid being a cold and wet motorcyclist and invest!

Warm it

Take time to warm your bike up, especially if you’re not a regular rider, or not ‘bike fit’. Take it slowly initially and give yourself time to ease into the ride so you can make sure everything is working correctly and the tyres have warmed up. Only then should you start to increase your speed and begin lean angles.

Use it

A good motorcylist will make use of all of his or her senses – you are not hemmed into a car so you can be more aware of unusual engine smells, hear the sound of approaching sirens and also because of your higher seating position, you should be able to recognise things well in advance. Making use of all your sense will ensure you have more time to react in an incident and could save your life.

Position it

Because motorcycles have a small silhouette, you can position yourself to see into the mirrors of the vehicle head. If you can see the driver, they can hopefully see you, although you must never assume this is the case.

Manoeuvre it

Motorcycles are far more manoeuvrable than cars, allowing you to filter through and past stationary and slow traffic, providing the coast is clear. Make sure you manoeuvre at a sensible speed and allow yourself time to react or stop if a car suddenly turns.

Remember it

Your journey only finishes when you switch off the engine and place your motorcycle at standstill. If parking out and about, make sure the ground is safe for the bike so it will not roll of the stand. Investing in some machine security is also a good idea to ensure your bike will still be there when you return.


Posted by Leana Kell on 27/07/2015