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Top tips on car buyingBack

Car dealershipBuying a new or used car is something that most of us will experience at least once during our motoring lives, so it pays to be prepared and make sure that our buying decision is the right one. Purchasing a car is one of the most expensive exchanges you will make, but if you learn how to be savvy you can save yourself heaps of cash when it comes to resale.

Learning how to tell a good set of wheels from a bad one is detrimental to the success of your sale, so it is important to do plenty of research before you hit the forecourt. Knowing the right questions to ask the car salesman and what pitfalls to look out for will ensure that you strike a better deal as well as ensuring the car you choose is best suited to your needs.

Follow Trusted Dealers’ tips below on how to guarantee the best deal when buying a new or used car:

Create a shortlist

Before you enter the showroom, it is a good idea to ask yourself several key questions – what do you use your car for? Will this change during the time you own the car? How much can you afford to spend on a car? Being able to answer a list of key questions will help you to immediately eliminate certain cars which are simply not suited to your needs.

Do your research

Research is vital if you want to guarantee the best deal on your next car. Making a salesman aware that you know what you are talking about can have a large effect on the type of car and deal you are able to strike. Essential research should include comparing specs and prices on manufacturer websites of the models you are interested in and reading professional reviews from experienced journalists on websites such as

Visit a dealer

It is important to visit a dealer and get a feel for what the car of your choice is really like. The salesman can give you a demonstration of the car’s key features and you can also climb inside the cabin and test the amount of head and leg room there is as well as checking the size of the boot. Taking the car for a test drive is highly recommended as it enables you to get a true feel for the car’s performance at different speeds as well as allowing you to check all of the equipment is working properly such as lighting, seating adjustments and electrical features.

Shop around

Finally, it pays to shop around so it’s well worth comparing deals offered by a range of dealers to find the best price for your chosen vehicle. If you’re buying a used car you can also look for similar cars for sale online then take copies of any ads with comparable cars at lower prices to your local dealership. When you have finalised the deal, always check the car thoroughly on collection to make sure that it has not been damaged in transit and that the extras you specified have been fitted.

Posted by Leana Kell on 05/07/2013