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Top tips on valeting your car at homeBack

ValetIt has been said many a time that the inside of a car reflects the type of person who owns it – I am hoping this isn’t true else I’d be seen as a messy, scatty and somewhat dirty individual carrying plenty of extra weight.

Okay, maybe I’m being slightly harsh, but I do confess to being one of those car owners who simply loathe valeting their car.

However, there are many tips which if kept up with regularly will ensure you leave your car in top shape all of the time. More importantly, you’ll be able to avoid the embarrassment of having to apologise every time someone sets foot in it!

Check out Trusted Dealers top tips on how to be kind to your car and keep it looking tidy all year round.

Refresh it – having a bottle of air freshener spray as a permanent resident in your car’s glove box is an excellent idea. It’s great for immediately getting rid of any lingering odours such as dirty nappies, or smelly food, as well as giving off a subtle but lasting fragrance. If you don’t have time for the spray, investing in a clip-on car freshener will do the work for you for 60 days and can be fitted in seconds.

Clear it – Every time you get out of your car, train yourself into carrying out a quick rubbish swoop. Keep a couple of bin liners or plastic bags in your car that you can grab easily and fill with any stray sweet wrappers, water bottles, raisins and any other rubbish that builds up in your car. This can be done and in the bin in a matter of seconds.

Wipe it – pick one day a week when you grab a cloth and wipe down your dashboard and the inside of your doors and handles. This will get rid of any scuffs and stray mucky spots before they become stuck fast to your dash and become a lengthier job later down the line.

Vac it – invest in a hand held vacuum – they are fantastic for cars because they allow you to get into all those small nooks and crannies with maximum ease. Some of them are cordless which is even better as it means you can store it in the car and simply whip it out as and when required. A regular zap of the vacuum can provide that “tidy lounge” look in a matter of minutes.

Bag it – You car often becomes a dumping ground for lots of so-called “useful” bits and pieces that get left around your back seats, glove box and boot. Take time to de-clutter once in a while and for those items you simply have to keep in the car, collect them together and store in a shoe box or bag to keep them tidy. Don’t forget, the less clutter in your car, the better its fuel economy.


Posted by Leana Kell on 07/04/2014