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Use The Latest Apps & Websites To Master The Roads This Winter!Back

With the arctic conditions already battering parts of the British Isles, it’s time to seriously start taking extra care when planning long drives over the coming weeks and months. Luckily the world wide web and seemingly infinite range of apps make planning those trips all the more simple.


Winter Driving Tips

During the cold, icy conditions we all know that driving can be dangerous. The AA have provided a list of tips and advice to help all drivers. AA Winter Driving Tips

Safety Camera Locations

Both fixed and mobile road safety cameras are located all over the UK. To check the location of these cameras in your area, or on the route of your next journey click on the link below.

Speed Camera Locator

The Lowest Petrol Prices In Your Area

The cost of your journey is now becoming more and more expensive as petrol prices increase. Now there’s no need to drive from petrol station to petrol station to find the cheapest fuel prices, simply click on the link below and it will automatically list the price of fuel in any area of your choosing.

Petrol Price Checker


Daryl Binelli Winter Driving BlogiPhone – Accuweather

Built for the iPhone or iPad the Accuweather app automatically finds your location using GPS and displays the current weather conditions as well as a report for the coming hours and days.

Get the app from iTunes



Blackberry – Drive Safely

Daryl Binelli Winter Driving Blog

This great app for Blackberry users reads out your text messages, emails and caller-ID so you don’t get distracted whilst driving.

Download the free SMS reader

Android – GPS Essential

This is the most complete GPS tool available on smart phones and is available for Android compatible devices. With 45 widgets available on the dashboard you can see altitude, bearing, climb, course, distance and much much more.

Download the ultimate GPS tool

If you know of any more apps or websites which you would want to share with our readers please leave a comment and we’ll pass them on.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 21/12/2011