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Watch the 3 minute pothole fix liveBack

The Telegraph has reported spotting two workers filling in a pothole in just over three minutes – could this be the quickest ever pothole fix?


With potholes becoming more than just a rising problem in recent years, perhaps this could be the solution to the UK’s pothole crisis?

On a busy street near Victoria Station on Friday, The Telegraph spotted two community officers stop traffic to give workmen a short window of time in which to carry out the repair. The work was in fact completed in just over three minutes and traffic flow was immediately resumed.

Westminster City Council has put the speedy work down to a new thermal road repair machine being trialled at the moment. It essentially heats up the tarmac in a shorter time.

However, a council spokesman contacted by the Telegraph, said: “even with our new technology in place, fixing a pothole in under five minutes might even be a record for the authority.”

Due to very hot summers and cold, wet winters, the number of pothole fixes has risen dramatically in the last 5 years, not just in Westminster but across the rest of the UK. Using current methods a pothole can cost £220 to fix within a two hour window, with an entire junction costing £25,000.

But with motorists spending an average £3,453 on running their vehicles every year, which equates to £100bn when applied to the 29.2m cars on UK roads, don’t we deserve a little pothole-filling in return?

The council will continue to test the new technology in London during whilst carrying out a new wave of repairs in Parliament Square, Whitehall and Pall Mall. But will they be able to break the 3 minute barrier?

Posted by Leana Kell on 20/05/2014