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What are the Labour Party promising motorists?Back

EdMillibandThe general elections will be held in 8 weeks and as a result, the political parties are going all out to make sure their voices are really heard. But what does it mean for motorists?

As we approach the elections, Trusted Dealers takes a look at the party policies for four of the leading parties in the election.

The Pothole crisis

The Labour Party has addressed the issue of Britain’s roads by suggesting we need a road network put in place that works better for all road users and a long-term strategy to ensure the resilience and improvements for drivers. Labour say they would prioritise funding better in order to fix potholes on local roads and ensure that councils have clear asset management plans in place for their local roads by 2020.

Labour also pledge to provide councils with new tools and power including cheaper joint procurement with other councils and joined up ‘pothole and street works’ plans to stop the same roads being dug up time and time again.

Michael Dugher MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, said: “Ministers need to take responsibility for the pothole epidemic on our local roads. Cameron slashed spending on road maintenance in 2010 and has ignored local roads for too long. Now over 2,220 miles more of our local roads need maintenance work.

“Motorists are justifiably sick and tired of their cars getting damaged because of potholes. It’s time to fix pothole Britain.”

BlackBoxCar insurance

Labour has previously suggested the insurance industry offers cheaper travel-to-work-only insurance for young drivers – made possible through telematics technology currently known as Black Box Insurance. Labour hopes that cheaper annual premiums for holders of young driver’s car insurance will encourage them to take up job offers or to stay in education and help solve the current unemployment crisis.

John Woodcock, shadow transport minister said, “With over one million young people unemployed, we need to remove as many barriers as possible to finding work,

“The sky-high cost of car insurance for young people is making it impossible for those who need to drive to be able to take up a job opportunity or stay on in education and training.

“Instead of simply pricing young people out of driving, insurance firms could help responsible young drivers by offering a choice of cheaper products that provide insurance at specified time to those who need their cars for work, education or training and are prepared to avoid the situations where more accidents occur.”

Labour has also intimated it is going to put measures in place to ensure young drivers become safer drivers. The party aims to create a supportive environment for young drivers in the UK by improving their experience and equipping them to be good drivers for the future.

200513 Save money on fuelFuel pricing

Labour is calling on the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to act and start the process of launching an inquiry into petrol pricing on the forecourt. This initial inquiry would judge whether competition is working and make sure that falls in the price of oil are being passed on to motorists.

Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Michael Dugher MP, said: “Hard-up families and hard-pressed businesses are fed up of feeling like they are being fleeced at the pumps. We know that when oil prices go up, fuel prices go up. But when oil prices come down, as in recent months, it is not reflected in the prices people pay at the pumps.

“Britain’s motorists are still paying an average of 118p a litre, even though global oil prices have fallen by more than 40 per cent since July. Organisations have said that petrol should now be at least 7p a litre cheaper than it is.

“Labour is determined to act to ensure real transparency in the industry and we want to see the Competition and Markets Authority start the process of launching an inquiry into the fuel market in the UK.”

Which of the political parties will win your vote this May? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Posted by Leana Kell on 09/03/2015