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210513 Pink Range RoverOne of the most important factors contributing to our overall buying decision on a car is colour, in fact, for many motorists it is a much bigger decision that it’s actual specification.

As well as having an immediate impact on the way a car looks, the choice of colour can have a detrimental effect on how much the car will be worth when you come to sell it on, so it’s important to take on board some common colour-related facts.

So far, it seems that white on sports trim continues to be the most popular colour to choose which is partly down to fashion and partly down to volume. Models that fall within this sector include Sport, S Line, M Sport and special editions like the Black Edition.

White is also a good choice if you’re opting for any type of sports car which includes the super high end luxury market, so even if you’re considering an Aston Martin and Bentley, kitting it out in white will guarantee you a good price on the used market.

The colour white is also popular within the 4×4 sector and looks great on models such as the Range Rover Evoque, although cars with smaller wheels such as SE models don’t suit the colour as well, and neither do large luxury models such as the A8, S class and 7 series.

Black continues to be a popular choice of colour and looks great on most cars within most sectors – its reliability in the used market continues to remain strong so you’ll make cash when it comes to resale time if you’re willing to play it safe.

Silver was the most popular choice of colour ten years ago and although it still remains popular, the shades that are most sought after in the used market are the darker and lighter grey metallic shades. Stick with the older more traditional silver and you may find that there is less demand and values will be lower than average at resale.

One of the colours which has increased in popularity in recent years is metallic blue. The reason for this could be due to its rarity – with higher volumes of grey and silver cars on the market, its novelty could be the deciding factor. Red cars can also be a successful choice when matched correctly with the right model. It’s a colour which suits smaller cars but should be avoided on larger luxury models.

Whichever colour you go for, make sure you do your homework first to avoid disappointment when it comes to selling your car on – it might be that a certain colour is trendy at the time of buying but the question to ask yourself is, will the colour remain popular three years down the line? Sticking to the more sober colours is usually a more sensible option, but if you cannot resist a racing green or a passionate pink – make sure you’re prepared that you could lose cash at resale.


Posted by Leana Kell on 21/05/2013