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What do the Party Leaders drive?Back

The 2015 general elections will soon be here, and to promote this big event in Britain’s calendar, Trusted Dealers has just released results from its latest survey.

Research by NFDA Trusted Dealers puts Labour in the driving seat with 30.4 per cent of those surveyed choosing the Labour Party as their party of choice in the upcoming general election.

But what do the UK’s party leaders drive when off duty? Trusted Dealers has taken a look, you may find the results quite surprising!

Honda CR-VConservative Party leader : David Cameron chose a Honda CR-V

David Cameron made it known in the news that one of his complaints about being Prime Minster was having to leave his ‘beautiful’ Honda CR-V at home. For security reasons, the Prime Minster is not allowed to drive himself and can therefore only look “lovingly” as his car from afar. Certainly the Honda CR-V is an excellent choice for the family man, sporting seats for five and a huge boot with plenty of space for luggage. Designed primarily for on-road use, its a comfortable easy to drive family hatchback.

FordFocusLabour Party leader: Ed Miliband chooses a Ford Focus

The Ford Focus outside Ed Miliband’s busy household took centre stage in the news in 2011 when his cleaner was photgraphed cleaning the popular family hatchback. Not the average task for a household cleaner, but still, perhaps she couldn’t resist making it sparkle! The Focus is a great choice of car thanks to its excellent refinement, high standards of safety and competitive CO2 emissions, helping to reduce the growing emissions level in the capital.


FordGalaxyLiberal Democrat Party leader – Nick Clegg chooses a Ford Galaxy

Nick Clegg recently admitted he drove a second-hand Ford Galaxy despite the fact that he has campaigned tirelessly for the rest of us to invest in electrics cars – apparently they are ‘not quite right’ for him as they are not conducive to a family lifestyle. Despite this, he maintains that electric cars are ‘no longer a dream or an inconvenience’. The Ford Galaxy is certainly a good solution for larger families on a budget. It’s a brilliantly large MPV that offers much of the S-Max practicality without the higher price tag, and it’s more fun to drive than most large MPVs too.

JaguarXJScottish National Party: Nicola Sturgeon chooses a Jaguar XJ Ministerial Limousine

Okay, not all party leaders can resist the temptation of a ministerial car, particularly when it seems that some of them have them on tap. Recently in the news, Nicola Sturgeon was criticised for climbing into a ministerial car to travel 100 yards down the road – crazy or sensible? But if you climb aboard a Jaguar XJ, it’s not difficult to see why it’s the ministerial car of choice for the Prime Minster and politicians. It sports an imaginatively designed, classy cabin with tonnes of luxury equipment, and its brilliant to drive, if you happen to be the lucky chauffeur!

VolvoV70UK Independence Party: Nigel Farage chooses a Volvo V70

This is one case whereby the saying, you can never underestimate the power of a man by the car he drives, may come into play. Farage drives a Volvo estate, the perfect car to house his large family and there’s enough room in the well-shaped boot for his all-important fishing tackle too! The V70 is a good choice for those looking for a comfortable and reliable family car with plenty of standard equipment. Its practical, safe and sensible – not quite the words we’d use to describe its owner, although it does lack refinement…

Posted by Leana Kell on 23/01/2015