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What does your car say about YOU?Back

BMW-i8First impressions are indeed very powerful and many of us make assumptions about others according to certain criteria, one of which being the type of car we might own.

According to a survey by online discount company,, a person’s car can be a key factor in deciding how attractive they are. In fact, the model of car a person drives was a more decisive factor than other seemingly more relevant ones.

The survey of just under 2,000 people found that only 11 per cent found interests in common an attraction, whilst intelligence counted for 17 per cent of respondents and confidence a further 19 per cent. A person’s job was a slightly higher 21 per cent, but way out in front with 57 per cent of the vote was the model of car a person drove.

Furthermore, more than one quarter of respondents who rated the car as a factor admitted to using the type of car a person drove as a key reason whether or not to start a relationship with them.

Which brings us to our next question… do YOU have a car that is likely to attract a mate? Below we’ve taken a light-hearted look at some of the different types of car and what they might say about their owners. Why not leave a comment below if you think we’re right or completely wrong!

A classic car owner – you may be older or perhaps more distinguished than your peers, but you’ll also need to be quite handy too as old cars need plenty of TLC! You are more likely to live in a city where journey times are shorter, and you may be a wealthier city dweller as you’ll certainly need a drive or garage in which to house your prized car overnight!

A 4×4 car owner -this type of car can be determined simply on where you live – if you live out in a village, a 4×4 may simply be a means for you to get home safe, but if you live in a town or city, it could say something completely different. A common assumption about 4×4 drivers is that if you drive one in urban areas, you have less care for the environment, a healthy bank balance as fuel will be costly and status and image is important to you.

A prestige German-made saloon owner – image is important to you – whether it’s an Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz, you are carrying a badge which suggests success, and as a driver of this car you’re not afraid to shout about it. You may have worked hard to get where you have, and quality, style and performance may also mean a lot to you. You have some concerns about the environment and may consider yourself better educated than some.

An electric car owner – you’re someone whose not afraid to be different. You’re innovative and comfortable with taking chances. You are also more likely to live in the city where journey times will be shorter. You may be wealthy as you’ll need a garage or drive on which to charge your car in each night. You are concerned for the environment and less image conscious than others.

An Alfa-Romeo driver – essentially you love cars. You know the Alfa-Romeo will depreciate fast but you don’t care about that, you’ll buy it anyway simply because of the way it makes you feel when you drive it. You care about your image and want to give off the right impression to others. You will probably have some money as Alfa-Romeo cars don’t come cheap, but there is more to you than just that. You’re a romantic and an optimist whose glass is more often half-full.


Posted by Leana Kell on 20/06/2014