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The Guardian

British Motorists drive austerity away – please see attachment above for full article. Includes:

“It’s extremely positive” said Sue Robinson, director of the National Franchised Dealers Association. She said that Europe too was showing sign s of recovery, with moderately increased sales in Germany and France, and a 27.5% leap in new cars sold in Spain thanks to “improving consumer sentiments, more disposable income and government incentives”.


Financial Times

Germany cold shoulders Greece plan – Wolfgang, Schauble, German finance minister, and Greek counterpart Yanis Varoufakis at a tense press briefing in Berlin after a two- hour discussion during which they failed to find common ground on how to refinance Athens when its bailout expires at the end of the month. They could not even agree on the extent of their disagreement.

Tesco investigation threatens to widen – Other chains could be dragged into the Tesco probe after the regulator urged suppliers to come forward and said she had reasonable suspicion that a code of practice had been broken.

FCA back EU push over trading fees split – The Financial Conduct Authority is backing a push by the European Securities and Markets Authority for managers to pay for research out of their own funds via a separate account.

Miliband leads Cameron in PM stakes – Ed Miliband is more than twice as likely as David Cameron to be Britain’s next prime minister, according to an election model set up by opinion pollster Populus. But the Labour leader has only a 2 per cent chance of winning a majority under the model – as remote a chance as a Tory outright victory.

Companies & Markets

Low oil prices leave offshore Arctic wells out in the cold – Political and economic backdrop puts focus back on more profitable plans, but long-term prospects remain.

Hyundai family revives logistics unit stake sale – Hyundai Motor’s controlling family has relaunched an effort to sell part of its controversial stake in a logistics affiliate, as it races to meet a government deadline and avoid potential fines.


The Times

Car Gadget are blamed for increase in road casualties – An obsession with hands-free phones and in-car gadgets such as GPS devices and digital music systems to blame for an increase in accidents on Britain’s roads, experts said yesterday.

‘Vigilante’ cyclist catches dangerous motorists on film – …Dave Sherry secured more than 70 convictions in two-and-a-half years… Mr Sherry now hands footage of motorists skipping red lights, driving too close or speeding to the police – or uploads it on YouTube.

Pay boost drives up car sales – New car sales in Britain were higher last month than in any January since the financial crisis began thansk to rising earnings, cheap finance deals and failing petrol prices.


The Independent

Workers will get the right to buy out bosses under Labour rule – Employees would get the automatic right to club together to buy their company if it is put up for sale of floated on the stock market under move being backed by Labour.


Daily Telegraph

Car sales race forward as consumer confidence lifts – Britain’s car industry started the year strongly with sales of new cars rising by 6.6pc in January to 164,856. The rise was the 35th consecutive month of sales growth in the UK automotive sector, underlining its resurgence as drivers feel confident enough to return to dealerships as the memory of the financial crisis fades.

Mass redundancy ruling on small staff – European officials have ruled that UK businesses do not have to put in place a collective redundancy consultation of 90 days when making mass lay-off and so not have to include all staff in consultation if there are fewer than 20 staff. The decision was made after discrepancies over redundancies when Woolworths went in administration in 2008.


Daily Mail

Drive to soup up M-way services – A Tsar is being brought in to improve motorway service stations. Roads minister John Hayes said he is launch an inquiry into the service offered and prices charged to motorists. He will soon be appointing a chairman or tsar to head it. He wants to see fewer mass market chains and more independently run sh0ps, bistros and outlets, as well as more green spaces in which to relax.


Posted by Lois Hardy on 06/02/2015