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What’s hot and what’s not this springBack

Summer is coming, okay well it might be a little way off at the moment but according to the car world, it’s not. We’ve been looking at a few of the hot trends currently dominating the industry as well as those areas which are proving to be less popular in today’s market. Take a look at our findings below…

What’s hot…

The current rise in convertible and roadster values is a surefire sign that people are starting to think about their next set of summer wheels. Values have increased for April and are likely to do so again for May, with a dip in value predicted for July in line with the past few years. With this in mind, it’s important to time your purchase well if you’re considering buying a convertible car to make sure that you get the best value for money you can.

Small petrol engines continue to be popular and capable of out-performing within the marketplace. Models which are particularly in demand at present include Audi’s 1.4T and 1.6 engines and the BMW 1.6 engine. With the used supply much lower than its diesel counterparts, values on these types of engines remain strong.

What’s not…

Automatic cars are not proving to be as popular as they once were and they are no longer seen as the default choice when it comes to maintaining the best residual values. The popularity of purchasing an automatic gearbox has increased over the past decade and some manufacturers have increased their cost new option pricing over this period, for example the BMW 320d automatic option price has risen from £1220 in 2003 to £1525 in 2013 – if this rise in cost continues, automatic cars may soon lose their appeal.

‘Gas guzzling’ cars with larger cc diesel units have been going the the same way as large petrol engines and are rapidly losing popularity. With rising fuel costs and the increase in performance of the smaller cc engines over recent years, there seems little point in purchasing a car above 2.2 units if you want to save money at the pump. The lower output petrol and diesel engines will continue to outperform the larger ones, regardless of their presence and appeal.

Posted by Leana Kell on 10/04/2013