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Iconic British Cars: Your Choices So Far…Back

You’ve been entering our Iconic British Car competition in your droves this week (don’t forget to search Google for ‘trusted dealers‘ for the chance to win an iPad!)

Kirsty V emailed us to praise Rovers and lament their passing:

“Because they were comfortable, reliable and a nice drive. And because they are gone. Such a shame for britain.”

We ourselves chose the Rover SD1 as a potential candidate, partly for these reasons. Rover was such a massive brand at one time and its demise was sad for Britain all round.

The Land Rover is another population choice. Alex F was one of many who praised its gritty, utilitarian appeal:

“It’s the backbone of British farming and has been for 50 years!”

Supported by Lee S:

“Used in all countries for many uses and known as the British Jeep. Hasn’t changed much since first designed so is the almost perfect working vehicle.”

Whereas Matt W declared his undying love for the venerable workhorse:

“The car I grew up with, wanted my Dad to buy – but he never did. I still want one to this day – nearly got one this year but the wife talked me into something more sensible and economic…damn these times of austerity! Remains a classic to this day, and the recent models look just as iconic as the original series 1 and 2 models. Driven by everyone from Farmers to Royalty – which other car can claim this?”

There’s no doubt that the Land Rover is a undeniable success story. We considered it to be a choice, but as it debuted in 1948 (and still has barely changed 6 decades later!) we didn’t put it on our list. Probably an oversight!

The Aston Martin DB5 and E-Type Jag drew praise for the sporting prowess and quintessential Britishness. Sarah B wrote in to tell us that the DB5:

“… just screams britishness, a true icon of vehicle craftsmanship and the classic Bond vehicle and you can’t get more british than Bond.”

Jason H expressed similar feelings about the E-Type Jag:

“Because its classy, elegant, wasnt as expensive as other prestigious cars when it was released, and its timeless, it still looks brilliant today”

An assessment we find it hard to disagree with!

So far though, the most popular choice is… the Mini. J Scarth mailed in with a personal take:

“The mini has to be the most iconic car of our industry. cute as a button with the attitude of a sports car. Any one who has driven a mini has a smile from cheek to cheek with the enormous fun factor this car holds. it handles like no other car i have driven, its like a little tiger with its go kart handling and bouncy ride. the mini has won the monte carlo rally and has been a icon for years. so much so the germans wanted the character that this little car holds. it really is a bubble of joy that brings a smile to your face, that only a mini can do. respect to our forefathers”

Nicola H expressed similar feelings of pride and joy in the evergreen Mini – one of several people to mention the Italian Job:

“When I see a mini, I always think it is/ was a great british car even though owned by BMW now, Especially the old type ones, I remember my mum having one and loved it, and when you watch The Italian Job, I feel so proud of our little mini.”

What do you think? Search for Trusted Dealers for details of the comp and the chance to win an iPad, or join in the debate on our own choices in the office!

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 30/05/2012