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Join Trusted Dealers

It’s never been easier to spend money… and never easier to get it wrong. With so many competing channels out to make money for themselves, why not choose to advertise your stock somewhere genuinely dedicated to putting the dealer first?

Trusted Dealers was founded by franchised dealers and is run for the benefit of franchised dealers. Now owned by the NFDA, we are not interested in turning a profit: just giving you the leads you want at a fair price.

As the only classified site dedicated to franchised dealerships, we offer a unique proposition to car buyers as The Safest Place to Buy a Car Online – backed by our 10 Points of Difference: values that are core to all franchised dealers.

We market to older, wealthier car buyers whose priorities are safety, value for money ahead of price and the security that comes as second nature to franchised dealers.

Our Pricing Plans

We are pleased to offer 3 pricing models, based on your specific needs.

Our simplest and most popular package
With a fixed monthly fee based on the amount of stock you hold, we provide comprehensive reporting on tracked phone calls and email enquiries, plus other data such as full page advert views, directions printed and so on.
Pay only for the leads you receive
If your business is more focused more directly on leads generated, we offer competitive rates on 50 second phone calls and tracked email enquiries.
Only pay for genuine car sales
We will advertise your stock for FREE – and you only pay when we can prove a direct contribution to your sales each month, through sophisticated analysis of customer data and interaction with our site*

A little more detail?

We use sophisticated PPC and SEO strategies to put your cars in front of a wide range of users based on a target demographic that is older, richer and likely to spend a little bit more on a used car. We hit people at the key parts of the buying process: from their first search on Google to the point of sale.

When a buyer hits our site, we gather rich layers of detail to help identify them.

  • Their postcodes are logged to allow demographic analysis
  • All details of the searches they perform to help us understand their priorities and how they reach their final buying decision
  • All phone calls are recorded and we offer a listening service to identify the most valuable calls and customer details
  • All emails are logged against specific vehicles


*  Requires complete disclosure of your sales data each month

Trusted Dealers is different. We’re not just a standard advertising portal, but a genuine partnership between some of the biggest names in the industry and brought together under the aegis of the NFDA to become the consumer face of franchised dealers.

Among our members are some of the leading and best known automotive retailers in the UK – as well as a number of the most innovative smaller specialist dealer groups.

Join Us

If you’re thinking about joining us, why not get in touch.

11 Cardale Park
Beckwith Head Road

Tel: 01423 506272

201 Great Portland Street

Tel: 0208 128 4226

Ten Reasons to Become a Trusted Dealer

  1. We are established and owned by car dealers for car dealers which means that members can avoid the frustration caused by relentless price increases from other classifieds. Trusted Dealers was established with backing from Ken Savage of Perrys, Peter Jones of Lookers, Robert Forrester of Vertu Motors and 32 other dealer groups, to offer an alternative website whose primary purpose was to drive down the cost of used car leads.
  2. Trusted Dealers exists to promote franchised dealers who invest in facilities, training and equipment to offer car dealers bespoke and tailored servicing and maintenance repair to the very highest level as well as prepare new and used cars to the highest standard.
  3. We offer all of our customers our exclusive 10 Points of Difference price promise – we are the only website which offers our buyers the peace of mind that their next new or used car has come from a reputable and reliable source.
  4. Easy to set up stock feeds – Trusted Dealers takes stock feeds from all the established aggregators of used car stock and web providers such as G Forces, Manheim, Portfolio, Second Bite,, 21st Century Internet, Dennison Automotive, Autoweb, Razor, Motortrak and more.
  5. We offer both fixed price car advertising and a pay per lead model – allowing you to choose the best model for your business and to maximise your leads through our extensive partner network.
  6. We offer transparent reporting which means that our members are able to login to see the number of calls and email enquiries they have received. Members can also print off maps to see which cars are the most popular and when they were searched for.
  7. Use of our own tracking numbers – as well as reporting our Trusted Dealer members can use their own tracking number to record track calls in systems such as Mediahawk, Calltracks and BDM.
  8. We offer exclusive member participation both through informal channels and direct contact with Trusted Dealers’ lead management and through account management and organised meetings, members are able to determine the direction of businesses and what new products should be developed for the business.
  9. We have a unique campaigning stance – through relationships with the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) is in a unique position to promote the benefits of buying a used vehicle through a Trusted Dealer as opposed to elsewhere.



The National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) represents franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers in the UK. It promotes the interests of franchised dealers in the UK through dialogue with manufacturers and Government.

Our membership consists of dealers that range from the large dealer groups to small family owned dealerships. Members represent all of the main franchises available in the UK and offer a wide range of services.

The NFDA provides a number of services to its members, these include:

  • Lobbying UK and European Governments
  • Liaising with industry trade bodies and other stakeholders
  • Business guidance and advice
  • Legal and HR support
  • Taxation and VAT advice
  • VOSA and MOT advice
  • Group buying dealers, such as insurance and credit card services
  • National and regional dealer forums for networking and briefings


With almost four years of data from millions of visitors and tens of thousands of enquiries, we are able to perform detailed analysis to improve our members’ returns on their investment.

We understand that some manufacturers are more likely to generate interest online due to their relative scarceness or unfamiliarity. We also study the dynamics of pricing and location, and can advise you on which of your stock we feel is most likely to generate returns for you – even if you don’t wish to advertise all of your stock through our site and wider network.

If you are interested in learning more about our analysis and how we can help you deliver more leads, please don’t hesitate to contact us.