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100 reviews of Arnold Clark Citroen (Stirling)

These reviews were collected by, an independant car dealer review website.


Reviews of Arnold Clark Citroen (Stirling)


Overall satisfaction


Would recommend

"I would not recommend Lomond Audi Glasgow because the used car sales manager needs to learn that joe public is well aware that high APR are not acceptable and negotiation should always be an option! Not just thats it can’t go any lower ! Bmw offer from 0% upwards "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Thomas Reid

"My experience at Carbase Bristol was positive because the sales team worked very smoothly together which enabled easy purchasing of my car."

23rd March 2018 | Miss Sarah Jones

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Glasgow because when I was there looking the chap asked if I wanted a coffee, I thought he was going to get it but when he did not return I was just going to leave he caught up with me at the door, I went on the test drive was assured that I would be offered the best deal, but I phoned another dealer who bettered the deal straight away "

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Jacqueline Brady


23rd March 2018 | Mr Paddy Sweeney

"I'd recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Dundee to anyone because the selection is pretty good overall well displayed once you're in you are left to look in peace rather than being pestered constantly. Then there is always assistance if you require it and then they what to."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Dave M

"FRF Vauxhall Swansea were great because nothing was to much to ask! I dealth with Dean and Steve who went above and beyond. First class, trustworthy car sales men who put the needs of thier customers first. Will never go anywhere else again! "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Huw Griffiths

"I had a great experience at Bristol Street Vauxhall Knaresborough because the staff gave of their time to help us make the right choice"

23rd March 2018 | Mr David Hunt

"I'd recommend Imperial Cars Northampton because I have had no problems with my new car only that the gardx I purchased didnt look like it was done but had a full kit to bring home so can do myself ."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Pamela Treacy

"I'd endorse Lookers Audi Tyneside because you receive an excellent service and a great choice of cars."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Mark Simpson

"I'd recommend Vertu Honda Stockton because everyone is so approachable, helpful and friendly. "

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Rachel Ledger

"The experience at FRF Vauxhall Swansea was good because the staff are knowledgeable and only there when you require them."

23rd March 2018 | Mr F Weedon

"I'd suggest Hampshire Car Sales to a friend because the service and sales team were wonderful"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Scott Heath

"The staff at Drive Vauxhall Hartlepool were good because they were patient and not pushy"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Colin Hartill

"I was happy with the service at The Car Warehouse Swansea because I was happy with the price the of the car and wasn't pressured into adding any of the additional extras."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Jonathan Craig Thomas

"I'd recommend Lookers Audi Teesside to a friend because of the excellent customer care & after sales service i received."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Ian Nicholas

"I would not recommend Richmond Hyundai Guildford because they asked me to go to their site between agreeing to buy the car and handover. This was supposedly 'to do the paperwork', but in fact was to try to sell me a load of stuff I do not want. The real paperwork is done at the handover. They wasted 3 hours of my time, ( I had to go by bus as I had no car) and it has completely put me off buying from them again. I imagine it could be judged as 'mis selling' in fact. I will not buy from Richmond again because of this. "

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Charlotte Gray

"I'd definitely recommend Bristol Street Ford Durham because the salesman was exceptional."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Justine Nimmins

"Richmond Hyundai Portsmouth were good because Aidan Andrews was very professional yet friendly and isn't a pushy salesperson like so many other places seem to hire these days. That made the whole process more comfortable. He let me browse at my own pace and explained things i wasnt sure on and when I said i wasnt interested in something he didnt make me feel uncomfortable and push me to buy something i couldnt afford/need/want. When i had to lower my budget he went out of his way to find me another car that suited my needs perfectly."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Frost

"I'd recommend Vertu Honda Morpeth to a friend because of the friendly professional help on my purchase. "

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Lillico

"I was pleased with The Car Warehouse Swansea and would recommend them because the salesperson was very polite,not overbearing and extremely helpful which made the experience pleasant."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Leonard Lake

"I'd definitely recommend PJ Nicholls Tewkesbury to friends and family because they picked my car up from my work place and dropped it back to me! And all staff members I dealt with were friendly and helpful! They brought my car back in a short amount of time and it had been cleaned inside and out! Very satisfied! "

23rd March 2018 | Miss N Reid

"Andrew Magarrack was a great salesperson"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Mike Wilson

"I would recommend FRF Vauxhall Bridgend to friends and family because, the level of customer service was excellent. "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Steven Jacob

"FRF Mazda Swansea staff were good because friendly, profession,not pushing for a sale but helpful ."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Alun T

"I'd recommend Hampshire Car Sales to a friend because the cars & service were very good"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Chris Stevens

"The experience at The Car Warehouse Swansea was perfect :)"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Jack R

"FRF Mazda Swansea were great because of the excellent customer service and knowledge displayed by Steve."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Sarah Harries

"FRF Mazda Swansea were helpful because they were polite, straight forward and Delivered the vehicle to my front door :)"

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Victoria Poulsen

"I would recommend Ancaster Nissan Shepperton to friends and family because of friendly efficient and helpful service from Paul."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Marlene Lee

"I'd recommend Think Ford Bracknell to a friend because great service which I personally experienced "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Birgir Sigmundsson

"I would recommend Riverside SEAT Hull to friends and family because they were very helpful, friendly and informative. The showroom was very clean and presentable. "

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Patricia Wreakes

"The experience at Harratts Mitsubishi Darton was fantastic because their always friendly and you get a top class service "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Simon Burrows

"The experience at Vertu Toyota Chesterfield was fantastic because the saleman i delt with was very friendly and most importent the price of the car was right"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Anthony Lee

"I had a great experience at Brindley Honda Cannock because as always they give a fantastic service."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Nicholas Birch

"The experience at Bristol Street Vauxhall Hexham was fantastic because the staff are friendly and keep you informed."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs D

"Bristol Street Vauxhall Chesterfield staff were good because they listened to everything I wanted, and went above and beyond to help me."

23rd March 2018 | Miss Olivia McMillan

"Vertu Volkswagen Mansfield were fantastic because She was Curtice, knowledgeable and helpful "

23rd March 2018 | Mr John Gunn

"I'd definitely recommend Bassetts Nissan Swansea to friends and family because they are helpful and friendly and offer great customer service along with a great range of cars. "

23rd March 2018 | Ms Jane Ford

"I'd endorse Mike Brewer Motors Luton because they offer extremely well prepared vehicles at a sensible price. No pushy salesmen and an all round honest approach to car sales."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Christoper Reeve

"I would recommend Linley & Simpson Harrogate to friends and family because process went fast every one was very helpful "

23rd March 2018 | Ms Justyna Anna Rogozinska

"My experience at Vantage Honda Barnsley could have been better because the vehicle had several faults, one of which is potentially serious in that it is using a large quantity of oil. Main reason I bought from Vantage Honda is because they said the vehicle had been through a full testing procedure. We are now awaiting tests by a Skoda specialist in Sheffield. When we brought all this to the sales manager’s attention he was very helpful, but it has not made up for the fact that a reputable dealer sold us a car the had pre-existing faults. And finally, after we picked it up we detected a foul smell in the car, which has gradually disappeared, but again this was not something we expected from a reputable dealer."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Mary Broadhead

"Solberge Hall were great because everything we needed for our short break was more than catered for."

23rd March 2018 | ian wright

"Pentagon Nottingham"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Paul Hill

"My experience at Baylis Vauxhall Cheltenham was memorable because the sales person, Rob Barfoot, was excellent and dealth with us professionally from start to finish, he expalined everything and left us feeling very happy and satisfied."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Jeanette Betts

"I would not recommend Pentagon Oldham because they wasted nearly 3 hours of my time even though I rang about the car I wanted. "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Paul Ashley

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Glasgow because I phoned at least 6 times and didn’t get a return call. Some of the worst and frustrating service I have ever experience. Had I not already committed and was looking forward to taking ownership of the car i would have went elsewhere. "

23rd March 2018 | Mr K

"I would not recommend Milton Keynes Audi because they simply don’t come back with any information, take too long to answer questions that you need to eventually call yourself and then the car is sold "

23rd March 2018 | Mr D

"The experience at Bellinger Wantage was good because being a smaller family oriented non-chain dealership you get treated like a real person... a valued customer... unlike some dealerships which can be far too pushy or others that seem uninterested and just don’t seem to want the business."

23rd March 2018 | Mr W

"The experience at Pentagon Rochdale was fantastic because barry the salesman was ok not to pushy"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Paul Rostron

"I'd definitely recommend Grinkle Park because it is a really stunning luxurious and beautiful place with a fantastic team of staff!!"

23rd March 2018 | Liz Ayre

"i recommend Riverside Mitsubishi Doncaster to anyone. great sales from bindi and looked after in the after sales team"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Glenn Waggstaff

"Both service staff and sales staff are polite , friendly and very helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Drive Vauxhall Leicester to anyone wishing to purchase a car or have one serviced"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Nick Grassby

"Pentagon Derby staff were good because they listen what your requirements are and help you decide about your purchase with honesty "

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Alison Hart

"I'd recommend Beadles Vauxhall Maidstone to a friend because the the salesperson was helpful, knowledgeable and not too pushy. He understood exactly what car I wanted and I am very pleased with it so far. "

23rd March 2018 | Ms Laura Arthur

"I'd definitely recommend Lookers Honda Orpington because they are courteous professional and deal with you as an individual "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Douglas Farquharson

"I would recommend Think Ford Basingstoke to friends and family because Steve Bartlett the salesman made the transition smooth stress free and all done within an hour.Congratulations the way foreword.Many thanks."

23rd March 2018 | Mr B

"I'd definitely recommend Vospers of Marsh Mills Nissan to friends and family because a very relaxing and friendly experience"

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Rose Milner

"West End Garage Stirling were great because my needs were delivered in a pleasant and efficient manner."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Constance Duffy

"'The salesperson that dealt with us was spot had, had the colour of the car been what we were after we'd have bought it then and there.' "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Steve Peel

"I would recommend Hilton Garage to friends and family because they have an excellent reputation."

23rd March 2018 | Richard McLachlan

"Harratts Renault and Dacia Wakefield were great because they offer a very professional and friendly service "

23rd March 2018 | Ms Sandy Attardo

"I'd endorse Sandown Mercedes Benz of Poole because the customer service we had from start to finish was amazing. Mike Blake was extremely helpful throughout and we did not ever feel pressured into the sale at anytime. His approachable friendly nature, professionalism, experience and knowledge was fab. Very Happy with my Purchase. "

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Claire Middleton

"Pentagon Sheffield were fantastic because of helpfulness of the staff and the quality of the cars"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Leslie Harrison

"I'd endorse Bassetts Citroen Bridgend because very. Friendly and helpful."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Lynne Davies

"The experience at Bassetts Nissan Bridgend was good because they found the ideal car to suit my needs rather than their needs. "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Curtis Williams

"This is the third time I have dealt with Vauxhall Evesham and have found very helpful and friendly."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Joseph Waring

"Very professional, friendly salesperson, made everything so easy and stress free, it was our best car purchase experience ever."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Alan Rowlands

"Friendly staff, wide range of cars, very informative and able to test drive."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Peter Wilkins

"My experience at Lookers Nissan Newcastle was positive because my needs, concerns, financial situation were all taken into account. The staff were helpful and accommodating and a deal was reached to the benefit of both parties, I am happy with the service I received from Lookers and would recommend to friends and family. "

23rd March 2018 | Ms Julie J

"Bristol Street Vauxhall Chesterfield were fantastic because the car was everything I asked for, and the staff (especially James) couldn’t do enough to help me. Perfect!!"

23rd March 2018 | Mr O

"I'd suggest Shelbourne Motors Renault to a friend because in the 40 years I have been dealing with them I have always been completely sadisfied "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Thomas McCreery

"I'd suggest Grinkle Park to a friend because its a lovely hotel in beautiful grounds and I would love to visit again when the Rhododendrons are in flower"

23rd March 2018 | Rita Sturdy

"I was pleased with Pentagon Oldham Park Road and would recommend them because the sales man was a very helpful and polite and he was very honest and thorough. I love my car and I'm very happy I was shown a range of cars before choosing the one for me."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Patterson

"The experience at Lomond Audi Ayr was great because they couldn’t do anymore for me "

23rd March 2018 | Miss Elaine Gatherer

"The staff at Snows Peugeot Romsey were good because they knew their product and answered questions with confidence. They were very helpful."

23rd March 2018 | Mr James Battle

"Macklin Ford Glasgow were helpful because of the professional service offered by Barry Docherty"

23rd March 2018 | Mr D

"I was happy with the service at Harratts Kia Wakefield because The staff are always friendly and helpful and make you feel comfortable that your car is receiving the service it should even sending you a video of the inspection as it is taking place. "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Joseph Knapper

"I was happy with the service at Vantage Toyota Morecambe because excellent customer service and a good cup of coffee thrown in for good measure "

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Stirzaker

"I'd definitely recommend Mackie Motors Brechin because I needed a special vehicle with disabled access and was notified when one came in which, when I saw and test drove it was perfect for my needs."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Bert Miller

"Phil Cooke was a friendly, helpful sales chap. I'd happily recommend that anyone interested in buying a car deal with him. I will certainly do so again."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Scott C

"I'd definitely recommend Lomond Audi Glasgow because of the friendliness of the staff the quick and prompt attention given to you on entering the showroom and the overall experience given"

23rd March 2018 | Mr James Ryder

"PJ Nicholls Evesham staff were good because they were efficient and friendly. The service costs are competitive, the car can be picked up and delivered from home and curbside assistance for one year is provided free of charge."

23rd March 2018 | Mr P Lewis

"I was happy with the service at Toomey Basildon Renault because the salesman was really professional and helpful. The car was really nice. My toddler did not see the car until we picked it up and the words amazing was used"

23rd March 2018 | Mr W

"I would recommend Harratts Mitsubishi Darton to friends and family because they're friendly, fast and reasonably priced."

23rd March 2018 | Mr E

"Riverside SEAT Hull staff were good because they took an interest in our requirements"

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Lisa Archer

"I'd recommend Farnell Jaguar Bolton to a friend because the quality and friendliness of service given is fantastic, especially from Tony and Bev who I dealt with to purchase my Jag 10/10"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Khan

"I'd suggest Beadles Vauxhall Maidstone to a friend because the friendly, comprehensive service is excellent"

23rd March 2018 | Ms Evelyn Fielding

"I would recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Dundee to friends and family because the prices are reasonable and service from sales Alanah was great "

23rd March 2018 | Miss Emma Saunderson

"I'd recommend Grinkle Park to a friend because it's a lovely relaxing atmosphere. Very friendly staff. The food is absolutely gorgeous."

23rd March 2018 | Paula Rimmer

"I was pleased with Grovefield House and would recommend them because from our arrival everyone was courteous and helpful. Our room had a wonderful view over the grounds, was very clean and had everything we needed for our stay. The food in the restaurant was delicious and perfectly cooked."

23rd March 2018 | Brian Sawyer

"The experience at Harratts Nissan Wakefield was good because the salesperson was not pushy and allowed me time to look round on my own but was available when I required him . He also was knowledgeable about the Dacia Duster."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Alan Hollands

"Brindley Vauxhall Cannock were really helpful and I'd recommend them because I have bought cars from them in the past and the service department are very helpful. I have dealt with Steve the sales person before and he is never too pushy which I prefer."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Philip Robertson

"I would recommend Farnell Land Rover Nelson to friends and family because i had a completely friendly and professional experience and could not fault them on anything during the transaction. "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Paul Taylforth

"My experience at Pentagon Doncaster could have been better because it just could have been"

23rd March 2018 | Mr Peter Watson

"My experience at Harratts Kia Wakefield was positive because they are totally professional ."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Ernest Smart

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Aberdeen because felt pressurised into buying and trade in price well below what I was offerd at Arnold Clark.I also was kept waiting between sales staff."

23rd March 2018 | Mr Paul Marsella

"Bassetts Citroen Bridgend were helpful because James and Michael were extremely helpful throughout the whole process making it simple"

23rd March 2018 | Miss Catherine Evans

"The experience at SERE Belfast was excellent and it was all down to 2 members of staff Joanne and Emma. Thank you Joanne for helping me purchase my car. I'm just loving it and highly recommend you."

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Jacqui Elliott

"The experience at Lookers Audi Camberley was great because they were really jrllful"

23rd March 2018 | Mrs Margret Bradly

"The staff at Ballyrobert Bangor were good because time was taken to explain everything about the car and packages. Handover was good. "

23rd March 2018 | Mr Phillip McDowell

Arnold Clark Citroen (Stirling)

Arnold Clark Citroen (Stirling)

With over 60 years of experience, Arnold Clark is Europe's largest independently owned, family-run car company. As winner of the sought-after Automotive Management Retailer of the Year award three years running, we are well placed to offer customers not only buying peace of mind but also the best choice and biggest discounts on all new cars, nearly new cars and used cars.

If you're in the market for a used car, our constantly updated stock, allows you to find 1000s of cars for sale at any one time across our many car dealerships in the UK.

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