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100 reviews of Donnelly VW Van Centre Campsie

These reviews were collected by, an independant car dealer review website.


Reviews of Donnelly VW Van Centre Campsie


Overall satisfaction


Would recommend

"I was pleased with Lookers Audi Newcastle and would recommend them because of the efficient staff and all the help I received."

21st March 2018 | Mrs Elsie Killeen

"I would not recommend Sturgess Hyundai Aylestone Road because they undervalued our car."

21st March 2018 | Mrs Maureen Hearne

"My experience at Peter Vardy CarStore Dundee was positive because the salesperson answered all relative questions fully, thank you Richie Low"

21st March 2018 | Mr Alan Duncan

"I'd endorse Bridgend Ford because service was exceptional from sales rep Gary Snapper at Bridgend Ford"

21st March 2018 |

"I'd recommend Lookers Nissan Gateshead to a friend because the salesman gave good advice on our next step"

21st March 2018 | Mrs Robinson

"I'd definitely recommend Carbase Bristol because of their speed and knowledge"

21st March 2018 | Mr Richard Sizer

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Dundee because your Salesman (Kerry McLaughlin) tried to mis-sell myself a car through a PCP agreement"

21st March 2018 | Mrs Lynn Bland

"My experience at Harratts Kia Wakefield could have been better because they misled me on the deal they were offering me and caused me a financial loss."

20th March 2018 | Mr Terence Cullen

"I'd recommend Pentagon Sheffield Parkway because of the relaxed and easy atmosphere"

20th March 2018 | Mr Matthew Brameld

"Prentice MINI were great because the staff are friendly and service excellent "

20th March 2018 | Ms Joanne Frew

"Holden Honda were really helpful and I'd recommend them because I was helped to feel comfortable and at ease."

20th March 2018 | Mr Eddie P

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell because they do not phone back when promised."

20th March 2018 | Mr Mike Gale

"My experience at Lookers Nissan Gateshead was positive because the staff are very friendly and very helpful "

20th March 2018 | Miss D

"I "

20th March 2018 | Caroline White

"The staff at Carbase Bristol were good because Tim came up with great suggestions, but wasn’t pushy. We haven’t bought a car yet, when we decide what we want we will check your website to see if you have one/some"

20th March 2018 | Lyn McCracken

"My experience at Farnell Jaguar Bolton could have been better because if I wasn’t ignored at first and the dealer actually got back to me regarding the car I was interested in. Although the gentleman was polite he came across that i might be wasting his time. "

20th March 2018 | Mr Micheal Robinson

"My experience at Bridgend Ford was memorable because of the professional manner everything was dealt with"

20th March 2018 |

"I was happy with the service at carbase for my son but disappointed a car my son was interested in was already gone. It was in prep but if they advised already sold then it would of saved a 60 mile round trip"

20th March 2018 | Susan Cox

"Guy Salmon Jaguar Ascot were fantastic because of their fabulous customer service, knowledge and knowing what your needs are. Typical Guy Salmon... they get it right every time. "

20th March 2018 | Mr Mark Chute

"Lookers Hyundai Motherwell were great because they handled my request very personably"

20th March 2018 | Mr B

"I'd recommend Think Ford Basingstoke because. Helpful friendly salesman. A1. "

20th March 2018 | Mr Steven Harding

"Oldham Audi staff were good because the sales person didn’t try to pressure me in to a sale He understands that you only want to make a purchase when you are ready."

20th March 2018 | Mr Charles Isbister

"Barretts Jaguar Canterbury were great because sales person answered all my questions and spent time with me, and explained my options. He gave me information on several cars and informed me of more cars that were coming into stock and sent me details via a video link."

20th March 2018 | Mr Anthony Heycock

"The staff at Lookers Audi Newcastle were good because they understood our requirements without pushing"

20th March 2018 | Mr Peter Leonard

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Dundee because the sales man never called back and waited 2 days still no call after he took all my deatals "

20th March 2018 | Mr Terry Leask

"I'd recommend Bellinger Wantage to a friend because they have a very friendy welcoming team that want me to find the right car as much as i do."

20th March 2018 | Mr Harry J

"'The salesperson and manager have been great with us. Nothing like those salespeople that pounce on you that can be so off putting.' "

20th March 2018 | Mr Michael Bingham

"It took a few days to get a response when interested in a vehicle, then the response was a call with no voicemail, just a text to ring back. I visited the showroom instead, it was very busy, I chose to look at cars myself, the car I was interested in wasn't there which was why I tried asking via internet if it would be available. Used the opportunity to browse other cars but didn't like the feel of the place so left. "

20th March 2018 | Mr L

"'I'm having a good experience so far, I've put an order in. I was happy with my part exchange offer for my Seat Ibiza. Ben has been really helpful so far.' "

20th March 2018 | Miss Stella Harpham

"The experience at Sturgess Aylestone Road was great because although I didn't purchase I felt that I was a favoured customer and could return to make a purchase in the future."

20th March 2018 | Mr Richard Thornton

"My experience at Carbase Bristol could have been better if they didnt advertise a car they didnt have for sale, just to get my attention, they are still advertising it although they said it was sold "

20th March 2018 | Tina Tina

"I was happy with the service at Carbase Bristol because they were very prompt, and extremely informative."

20th March 2018 | Paul Isherwood

"Bridgend Ford were fantastic because of the professional attitude of everyone I spoke to especially Christian who sold me my car"

20th March 2018 | Callum McUtcheon

"My experience at Lookers Land Rover West London could have been better if the finance manager did not act like he was better than us and tell us we were wasting their time. We are the customers so should feel welcomed. "

20th March 2018 | Miss S

"I'd definitely recommend Bellinger Didcot because quality of service was excellent, product knowledge was superb "

20th March 2018 | Mr Graham Lambourne

"I would not recommend Carbase Bristol because they did not respond to my enquiry till 5 days after"

20th March 2018 | Mrs Caroline Adedun

"The experience at Holden Renault was fantastic because you are made to feel welcome, like visiting family, The whole team and managment there are awesome"

20th March 2018 | Mr W

"I'd recommend Wolverhampton Audi to anyone because they have a good range of cars at all levels"

20th March 2018 | Mr Ritesh Mistry

"My experience at Carbase Bristol was memorable because the service I received was professional and prompt. "

20th March 2018 | Mr Jerry Smith

"Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff we’re efficient and informative"

20th March 2018 | Mr Gareth Evans

"I'd recommend Bridgend Ford to a friend because they are fair and reasonable."

20th March 2018 | Kerry Byrne

"My experience at DM Keith Skoda York was positive because the salesman was not pushy and very honest with the selection of cars that would fit my budget. They understood I was just browsing and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable when discussing buying. I was offered a test drive and given quotes for finance options again with out been pushed. Would happily recommend and would consider them in the future. "

20th March 2018 | Miss Megan L

"Wolverhampton Audi staff were good because staff was friendly but just couldnt help on the deal and price had a better offer from other audi dealers and drive the deal."

20th March 2018 | Mr M

"Carbase Bristol never got back to me after speaking to me regarding my enquiry"

20th March 2018 | Mr Marcus Foote

"I would not recommend Milton Keynes Audi because I initially came to Jardine via Carwow and was dealing with Ollie who put together a compelling deal for the new S3 I wanted to buy, I have a TT to trade in so I needed to visit to confirm the details, unfortunately the day I was able to make it Ollie was not going to be there so he said that he would arrange to have a colleague take me on a test drive. When I got to the dealership at the agreed time I was met by a very helpful receptionist who said that she would get a salesperson to come over. It all went down hill from this point as Shaheen could not find any details of me on the computer so had to re-register all of my details and start from scratch, he did however take me out for a test drive. I liked the car and asked about the one Ollie had quoted me for, Shaheen proceeded to try to sell me a different model with a lower spec because that one was immediately available, he also quoted a significantly higher cost for this lower spec, insisting that this was a better deal. I had to get home as I had a builder coming to my house so we left it that Shaheen would try to find my carwow details and the offer Ollie had made to understand the reason for the disparity in the quote. Shaheen called me the next day to say that Ollie had made a mistake, that he had quoted the wrong price and the best price that Jardine could do was the new one he was quoting, he continued to try to sell me the car he had rather than the one he wanted and was determined not to take no for an answer. I told him that it was too much so he then asked me how much I would pay and that he would try to get a reduction in the cost from his manager. The next day Shaheen called again to say that the price he had given me was final and proceeded to once again insist that this was the best deal and that I should but the car he had for sale, again not the one I wanted, he was very put out when I did not acquiesce but we left it there. I thought about this experience for a couple of days, I still wanted the new S3 that I had spoken to Ollie about so I decided to follow up with Ollie to try to understand what had happened and to see if we could reach a deal, unfortunately Ollie was not available when I called so I left a message for him to call me back, which he did not do. The next day I rang again and once again Ollie was busy so once again I left a message for him to call me back, but you get the idea by now, I never got that call back and Jardine lost a sale of a 35k car and any possible future business due to the poor customer experience I received. I would actively discourage anyone I know from going to Jardine in the future."

20th March 2018 | Mrs Claire McLaughlin

"The experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Newport was fantastic because they are professional, knowledgable and provide customer service excellence. "

20th March 2018 | Mr Mr Screen

"Lookers Volvo Stockport were great because they provided a pleasant environment to do business in."

20th March 2018 | Mr Geoff Smith

"I was happy with the service at Riverside Mitsubishi Doncaster because it was quite relaxed but basically I knew what car I wanted as I had done some research beforehand."

20th March 2018 | Mr Ray Giddens

"I'd recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Dundee to anyone because of the great service "

20th March 2018 | Mr John Smith

"The experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Port Talbot was great because they were very clear and considerate of my needs, thank you"

20th March 2018 | Mr S

"Sturgess Aylestone Road were great because attentive from start to finish helped us and explained every step of the process"

20th March 2018 | Mr Mick Robinson

"My experience at Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell could have been better if my deposit had been returned when promised. I would not recommend due to my explanation above in the share section."

20th March 2018 | Mr Gordon Reid

"Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell were helpful because Staff have always been exellent "

20th March 2018 | Mr William Toal

"My experience at Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell was cracking because my sales representative was friendly, helpful and Honest"

20th March 2018 | Mr Jamie McKay

"I'd recommend Lookers Audi Sunderland because they make you feel very welcome and greeted with a smile"

20th March 2018 | Mr Mark Gascoigne

"I'd suggest Lookers Stockport Renault to a friend because of good sales staff"

20th March 2018 | Mr Frank Halliday

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Edinburgh because see above. Get the finance right first time with no fiddling about and to and fro. Also, give a better deal. Miles below what I got elsewhere. Simple as that. "

20th March 2018 | Mr S

"Lomond Audi Stirling were great because the salesman actually listened to my requirements, was precise, patient and very good."

20th March 2018 | Mrs C

"Ancaster Hyundai Croydon were fantastic because the sales team were incredibly helpful and after sale service excellent."

20th March 2018 | Miss Mette Haack

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Edinburgh because they made me drive for an hour and half both ways. Mis leading me on their website with prices and then bullshitting me in the yard. Go to Arnold Clark. Cheaper less shite too"

20th March 2018 | Mr Gary Cameron Douglas

"I was happy with the service at Bassetts Citroen Bridgend because very friendly sales team good choice of used cars"

20th March 2018 | Mr Ashley Cooper

"My experience at Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh could have been better because the iseries person wasn't an expert on his field, couldn't even bend the chairs to check the back. Hygiene was awful, stinked of cigarettes and bad dental hygiene."

20th March 2018 | Mr Salim Chafaqui

"I would not recommend Sturgess Hyundai Anstey because as to date I have had no experience of them as a provider or service centre. My visit was purely exploratory so I have no real experience on which to base a recommendation"

20th March 2018 | Mr John Starbuck

"Bassetts Citroen Swansea were great because The staff are friendly and very helpful and a good selection of cars"

20th March 2018 | Ms Angela Jones

"I'd recommend Harratts Renault and Dacia Wakefield because I received a great service on my car and at a really competitive price. I love my car and love Harratts for introducing me to it. Great company, great staff , great aftersales. 100%"

20th March 2018 | Miss Gail Cunningham

"I'd definitely recommend Vospers of St Austell to friends and family because they display a professional service coupled with a quick understanding of a customer's requirements and emotions, particularly towards the part-exchange of a much-loved older vehicle. Well done, Alex May."

20th March 2018 | Mrs Sarah Louise Hope

"The experience at Bristol Street Versa Batley was great because they always kept me updated, found them very friendly professional and courteous would highly recommend them.."

20th March 2018 | Mr John O'Connor For Daniel O'Connor

"My experience at Harratts Kia Wakefield could have been better because after 5 visits I am still not satisfied with the repair, I have not had a response to my complaint of why, at MOT, I was told I needed new tyres when I didn't. Very poor customer service. "

20th March 2018 | Mrs M

"My experience at August Motors Honda could have been better because they should be ashamed about how they treat their customers, absolutely appalling customer service. I suppose we should be grateful that we got our money back eventually. Shame on you August Motors, we will never do business with you again and we will make sure that all of our family, friends and acquaintances know about the truly appalling experience we received from your garage."

20th March 2018 | Mr C

"Pentagon Mansfield were great because they were very helpful and gave helpful advice."

20th March 2018 | Ms Pauline Cooper

"I'd recommend Baylis Vauxhall Ross On Wye to anyone because everyone friendly and helpful"

20th March 2018 | Mrs Penelope Selwyn-James

"I'd recommend Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff because the service was excellent and follow up was not intrusive. A very positive experience."

20th March 2018 | Mr Nigel Powell

"My experience at Vertu Honda Stockton was memorable because the staff were very helpful. I felt well looked after Easy process from start to finish."

20th March 2018 | Mrs S

"I'd recommend Brindley Honda Cannock to a friend because the quality of the cars are very good and they were good to negotiate with "

20th March 2018 | Mrs Julie Lamb

"Stansted Audi were fantastic because they are perfect"

20th March 2018 | Miss Angelica Stan

"The experience at Motordepot Hessle was great because Tom really looked after us from start to finish"

20th March 2018 | Rebecca Lee

"Pentagon Barnsley Fiat & Jeep staff were good because we experienced a first class service from start to finish!"

20th March 2018 | Mr Hollis

"My experience at Now Vauxhall Kingston was positive because staff was friendly and helpful and didn’t pressure me into anything I didn’t want to buy, but simply supported my choice of car and finance products that I wanted. "

20th March 2018 | Mrs Aisha Javaid

"Mackie Motors Brechin were really helpful and I'd recommend them because, unlike the other nearby dealers, Mackies spend the correct amount of time with their customer to ensure we are fully informed and feel looked after."

20th March 2018 | Mr James Worsley

"I'd endorse Motordepot Newcastle because staff were all fantastic from front desk to taking car away. Glenn Nick and Toni all helped us. Head depot also very helpful. "

20th March 2018 | Julie Derbyshire

"The experience at Macklin Nissan Glasgow Central was great because of the sales person, Tony Coughlan, who made it a totally pleasurable experience to buy a car - something I normally put off as I don't enjoy it at all! Tony couldn't have done more and I would come back to Nissan Glasgow again to buy another car from him."

20th March 2018 | Ms Jacqueline M

"The staff at Bristol Street Ford Bolton were good because the salesman explained everything clearly and listened to what I required right from the start. Excellent choice of well priced cars and a clean relaxing showroom. "

20th March 2018 | Mr F

"I was happy with the service at Ancaster Hyundai Croydon because the salesman Josh was friendly , professional and went out of his way to help me with the purchase - I did have a problem after purchase with the speedo which cannot be resolved at the moment as it is intermittent but they have assured me they will help me when it fails - altogether I was pleased with the experience of purchasing the car and would recommend Josh and the manager to any friends or family !"

20th March 2018 | Mrs Barnett

"The experience at Snows Toyota Paignton was great because I dealt with Dan all through the process and he was friendly effecient and explained everything very well.overall a great experience that ran smoothly and without any hitches."

20th March 2018 | Ms Frances Robinson

"Bassetts Citroen Bridgend were really helpful and I'd recommend them because we have just purchased our third Citroen car from them. The after sales is excellent and nothing is too much trouble. You are always made to feel welcome when you visit. We are now on first name terms with the Msnager and Neil who has sold us all of our cars. Citroen have proved to be reliable, we haven’t had any issues with any of our purchases. "

20th March 2018 | Mrs Judith Lewis

"I had a great experience at Harratts Nissan Wakefield because my service was booked in quickly and completed in the time advised, helpful and friendly receptionist "

20th March 2018 | Mrs B

"I would not recommend Pentagon Oldham Park Road because I’m still waiting for a price on the vehicle after many contacts with them"

20th March 2018 | Walco Builders Ian Wallis

"Sandown Mercedes Benz of Guildford were really helpful and I'd recommend them because, they were efficient, knowledgable and had plenty of time to spend with you."

20th March 2018 | Mr David Winter

"Harratts Renault and Dacia Wakefield staff were fantastic at every stage of the process, from booking in to collection. Kayleigh Jo and Andrea bent over backwards to be as helpful as possible and the communication was excellent. Thanks ladies! "

20th March 2018 | Miss Frances Monkman

"The experience at Bassetts Nissan Swansea was great because good value for money and non pushy salesman"

20th March 2018 | Mr Michael Davidge

"I was pleased with Harratts Nissan Wakefield and would recommend them because they were very helpful, kept me informed and were respectful. Mark Hofmann provided a great service and I would definitely recommend Harratts Wakefield . I will certainly go back to Harratts Wakefield when I am looking for my next car. After having a very bad experience at Harratts Dalton, Mark restored my faith back in Harratts and used car sales. "

20th March 2018 | Miss Greta Ullfors

"The experience at Pentagon Oldham was great because they showed me the car, discussed it and then left me to decide. "

20th March 2018 | Ms Victoria Stacey

"Toomey Basildon Renault staff were good because they are very friendly & service you get is welcoming"

20th March 2018 | Mr Adrian Lebby

"Renault Swansea were really helpful and I'd recommend them because of the high standard of my purchase and extreme professionalism of the staff involved "

20th March 2018 | Mrs Karen Morris

"Bristol Street Vauxhall Keighley were helpful because everything went smoothly from start to hand over .Thank you "

20th March 2018 | Mr Graham Pearson

"Unbeatablecar Crawley were fantastic because they delivered everything that I needed in a timely manner. I know that I paid a bit more that I wanted but I ended up with a lovely car that I enjoy driving "

19th March 2018 | Mr Chamberlan

"I would recommend Macklin Nissan Glasgow South to friends and family because they were able to supply the car we wanted at an attractive price. The sales staff were polite and helpful at all times and the transaction was simple and straightforward. The only area where I feel that Macklin could improve their service was when contacting the company by telephone. The current arrangement whereby calls to Macklin Glasgow South are routed via a call centre in the north of England does not work. On two occasions (one pre-sale and one post-sale) I had difficulty in contacting the sales department. On both occasions nobody was available to speak to so I left a message and was promised someone would call me back. By the following day I had not received a return call so I phoned again. Same story - nobody available, left another message. Was told someone would call me within 15 minutes but again did not receive a return call. I called a third time and again was told that someone would call me back. I had to explain that my calls were just not being returned and had to insist that they put me through to someone at the showroom immediately, which they finally did. I had this experience twice. As stated in the survey, I am very happy with the car I purchased and would recommend Macklin to friends and family but the matter of sales staff not being available and customer calls not being returned is very frustrating and really needs to be addressed."

19th March 2018 | Mr W

"I would recommend Macklin Nissan Glasgow South to friends and family because the staff are helpful not pushy and listen to what your looking for."

19th March 2018 | Mr Cassells

"I'd recommend Macklin Peugeot Paisley because very efficient and professional service"

19th March 2018 | Mrs Wilma McAulay

"I'd definitely recommend Now Vauxhall Hayes to friends and family because the customer service was excellent and nothing was too much trouble to help you find exactly what you wanted. They had a good price range of cars available. "

19th March 2018 | Ms Mary James

Donnelly VW Van Centre Campsie

Donnelly VW Van Centre Campsie

Northern Ireland’s largest independent new and used vehicle dealer, the Donnelly Group offers customers the best deals on a huge selection of new cars, used cars and commercial vehicles.

Each of their Northern Ireland showrooms has fully trained Motability staff who can advise on vehicle alterations to make motoring more comfortable and convenient for disabled drivers and their families.

Built on customer service over 65 years ago, the Donnelly Group prides itself on the quality of service provided to every customer throughout the process of matching them to a vehicle that suits their needs, requirements and budget. For Donnelly customers this service excellence continues long after the purchase as our dedicated after sales team continue to offer advice and support, providing assistance with maintenance, servicing and repair work.

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