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100 reviews of Evans Halshaw Ford Lincoln

These reviews were collected by, an independant car dealer review website.


Reviews of Evans Halshaw Ford Lincoln


Overall satisfaction


Would recommend

"I would not recommend Sinclair Volkswagen Neyland because they are too pushy with PCP after being told I was not interested."

11th December 2017 | Miss Richards

"My experience at Lomond Audi Glasgow could have been better because the sales team are poor. Don’t listen. Don’t call back. While in the showroom on Saturday looking at colours for 20mins no one came near us. Grim!"

11th December 2017 | Mr Kevin Richardson

"DM Keith Skoda Hull were great because staff is very friendly and honest. "

11th December 2017 | Mr Michal Placha

"The experience at Lookers Birkenhead Vauxhall was great because fixed my car quickly and gave friendly none pressured advice"

11th December 2017 | Mr Martin Boyd

"The experience at Lookers Morden Volkswagen was fantastic because very helpful and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble"

11th December 2017 | Mrs Lorraine Hill

"Lookers Hyundai Motherwell staff were good because of the professional manner with which they treat their customers"

11th December 2017 | Mr James Stirrat

"Peter Vardy Vauxhall Kirkcaldy were great because they’re always friendly and very helpful. Also you always get a good deal."

11th December 2017 | Mr David Watson

"Lookers Nissan Newcastle were great because, great customer service! Offered tea/coffee whilst looking at cars and excellent knowledge of range comparison to suit my needs"

11th December 2017 | Mr Paul McCallion

"My experience at Peter Vardy CarStore Glasgow could have been better because if they respond to a customer request. "

11th December 2017 | Mr Colin Ross

"Lookers Audi Teesside were fantastic because all the information was given and the young salesman was extremely helpful "

11th December 2017 | Mr Raymond Porter

"The staff at Sinclair Volkswagen Bridgend were good because, claire the sales lady that I dealt with was extreamly polite, pleasant and helpfull"

11th December 2017 | Miss Amanda Clarke

"Lookers Blackburn Volkswagen were helpful because they are my local vw dealership and they were very helpful although i havent purchased yet"

11th December 2017 | Mr Robert Hancock

"I was pleased with Sinclair Volkswagen Bridgend and would recommend them because they allowed me to drive the car alone so no pressure."

11th December 2017 | Mr Gerrard Anderson

"I would recommend Lookers Audi Tyneside to friends and family because the service and the products are first class, noticeably better than other garages I've dealt with."

11th December 2017 | Mr David Swalwell

"I would not recommend Lookers Skoda Manchester Eccles because they didn't seem to be interested."

11th December 2017 | Mr Tomlinson

"I'd endorse Lookers Stockport Seat because they were helpful and informative "

11th December 2017 | Mr Liam Sussex

"The experience at Lookers Audi Camberley was great because the staff were friendly and professional."

11th December 2017 | Mr S

"My experience at Lookers Morden Volkswagen could have been better if there is a deal to be done for a customer who wishes to buy a car outright. "

11th December 2017 | Mr Thackham Christopher

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Edinburgh because I could not strike a deal"

11th December 2017 | Mr Tom Cairney

"My experience at FG Barnes Vauxhall Guildford was memorable because mY ENQUIRY was dealt with promptly and very efficiently."

11th December 2017 | Mr Michael Barnett

"Shelbourne Vehicle Rental were really helpful and I'd recommend them because they provide great prices and are so easy to deal with."

11th December 2017 | Mark Knox

"I was pleased with Sherwoods Darlington and would recommend them because the service was 1st class the salesman Barry Singh was very good very pleasant and knowledgable "

11th December 2017 | Mr David Cook

"Thurlow Nunn Milton Keynes were fantastic because customer service is clearly a very high priority which results in trust"

11th December 2017 | Mr David Bradley

"I wot recommend Peter Vardy Land Rover Aberdeen because to come back with 10,000 intrest is not acceptable then says we can beat that offer after waiting more than 20 mins I wanted to leave . Sorry if I have upset your feelings not a good first visit an looking else where "

11th December 2017 | Mr Raymond Stuart

"My experience at Lookers Battersea Volkswagen could have been better because I shouldn't have been kept waiting so long for the salesman and should've been talked through the finance better"

11th December 2017 | Mr Alex Wright

"I'd suggest Lookers Guildford Skoda to a friend because they are very knowledgeable about the cars they sell and offer a professional sales service without being at all pushy "

11th December 2017 | Mr Robin Ball

"I'd recommend Lookers Audi Basingstoke to a friend because they made us feel important, even though they were in temporary accommodation on a very cold day. They weren't at all pushy and were able to answer all our questions with an assurance that breeds confidence."

11th December 2017 | Mr Richard Hopper

"I'd recommend FG Barnes Maidstone MG because the staff were very friendly and not to pushy"

11th December 2017 | Ms Fiona Sharpe

"I'd recommend Lookers Battersea Volkswagen to anyone because they are good."

11th December 2017 | Mr Y

"Lookers Volvo Colchester were helpful because Andy was a very friendly salesman and I will be purchasing my Volvo from him in the new year."

11th December 2017 | Mr Lee Jackson

"My experience at Lookers Volkswagen Carlisle could have been better and honestly I would recommend them to everyone as they are very fast in responding to emails but it’s always a game for them to get the money out of the customer first very shame on you guys you were dealing with me selling a vehicle to me in one hour later you sold it to someone else without notifying me this is a disgrace. Wasted my time getting my insurance quote complete time waster"

11th December 2017 | Mr Mohamed Akis

"Lookers Battersea Volkswagen were really nice and helpful."

11th December 2017 | Ms Hazel Perry

"I'd suggest FG Barnes Maidstone SEAT to a friend because they are the best for giving first class service. I intend to bore anyone who will listen about hoe excellent your company is. Keep it up. "

11th December 2017 | Mr Roy Bruce

"DM Keith Skoda Wakefield were helpful because the staff are friendly , helpful and knowledgeable about their range of vehicles and offers to help you get the vehicle you want at a price you can afford. All in all a pleasurable experience instead of a nightmare."

11th December 2017 | Mr Martin Walsh

"I've got to say we were very disappointed with the followup to our visit, and of course this has come up in conversation with friends and family. So simply they need to improve their communication with the customer. We felt we were unimportant as a result of the way we were ignored. Also we felt to price offered for our car was way below what was indicated by searching online and was intact the worst price we were offered by anyone, including ' surely the official dealer should do better."

11th December 2017 | Mr David Cordiner

"My experience at Sherwoods Stockton was memorable because The guy that dealt with my enquiry was helpful and polite I actualy would like to by a car from him."

11th December 2017 | Mr Frank Hewitt

"The experience at Bridgend Ford was great because Tom Drew was super helpful and made it really easy for me. "

11th December 2017 | Nicholas South

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy MINI Edinburgh because they have not responded or contacted me."

11th December 2017 | Mr Ewen MacLeod

"My experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Bridgend could have been better because the sales person, John, never came back to me despite me ringing 2 or 3 times. I was very keen to purchase the car but I got the impression that John couldn't be bothered to sell me the car, once he knew I lived a long way away. I was very prepared to drive down to get the car so was very disappointed by the lack of customer service."

11th December 2017 | Mrs Sam Adie

"The staff at Lookers Ford Harrogate were good because they are all very helpful."

11th December 2017 | Mr Philip Simmons

"I'd suggest Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh to a friend because they were welcoming to us and the children. "

11th December 2017 | Mrs O

"I'd endorse Lookers Volkswagen Dumfries because they are very easy to deal with and very polite"

11th December 2017 | Miss Mason

"I would not recommend Pentagon Doncaster because the promptness of the sales process was poor and the information provided was delayed"

11th December 2017 | Mr Thomas White

"I was pleased with Peter Vardy MINI Edinburgh and would recommend them because the salesman John tried very hard to find me a car "

11th December 2017 | Mr Nick Morrall

"My experience at Bassetts Citroen Swansea could have been better because the sales man called Martin did not come back to me"

11th December 2017 |

"My experience at Peter Vardy CarStore Glasgow could have been better because i was mislead by the original advert on line, and was lied to about a car they had in England. This was my first experience ever buying a car and it was horrible thinking I had been conned and might not get my deposit back. I would never come here for a car again "

11th December 2017 | Miss C

"They are so honest and very welcoming and what I like most it is the after sales service"

11th December 2017 | Mr Jayamoorthy Umanee

"Bassetts Nissan Swansea were helpful because. Nothing is too much trouble. And very friendly and helpful staff. Best in South Wales. By far. "

11th December 2017 | Mr Matthews

"I'd recommend Lookers St Helens Vauxhall to a friend because first class service"

11th December 2017 | Mr Charlie Hutton

"My experience at Lookers Volkswagen Silverlink could have been better because of pricing"

11th December 2017 | Mr Ken Ward

"My experience at Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh could have been better because I was not offered a reasonable price for my car even though I was their loyal customer "

11th December 2017 | Mr Shahul Hameed

"My experience at Bassetts Honda Swansea could have been better if I was treated as a valuable customer who had bought 2 previous cars with them"

11th December 2017 | Mr Brian S

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy MINI Edinburgh because I have made online enquiries and left questions online and to the email of a sales with no response "

11th December 2017 | Mr Bryan Lamont

"My experience at Peter Vardy Vauxhall Perth could have been better because - I received a telephone call from the dealership, I did not enquire. I was asked to go along to Perth to have my vehicle valued with a view to perhaps purchasing another vehicle. To save me driving to Perth, I asked for my car to be valued over the phone based on information provided and was told I'd receive a call the next day. I am still waiting for that call............................................... very poor service just because they failed to physically entice me to their premises. "

11th December 2017 | Mr Iain Thompson

"My experience at Lomond Audi Ayr was cracking because you exceeded my expectations thank you"

11th December 2017 | Mr Peter Wallace

"Lookers Walton on Thames Volkswagen gave all the information I needed, after being turned away from another VW dealership and no been given any information. I am please with the interaction at Walton, and will further consider completing the purchase."

11th December 2017 | Mr Oren Paynton

"I was happy with the service at Peter Vardy CarStore Glasgow because the salesperson Jim Reid, took the time to listen to what we need and did his best to accommodate us."

11th December 2017 | Mrs B

"My experience at Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh could have been better because emailed marketing information and information given over the telephone was misleading"

11th December 2017 | Mr Kenneth MacEachen

"My experience at Lookers Audi Sunderland could have been better because of the delay getting my loan car and getting to work, I confirmed twice if this would be a problem and was told I would be out if there in 5 mins, it actually took nearly half an hour due to no loan cars being available which made me late for a meeting."

11th December 2017 | Mr Shipway

"I'd definitely recommend Lookers Ford Guiseley because it was easy "

11th December 2017 | Mr Jason Dyer

"I was happy with the service at Peter Vardy Vauxhall Aberdeen because they were efficient, true to their word and kept me posted all day and provided a great service"

11th December 2017 | Mrs Ann Bridger

"I always believe that you should buy locally as they are the local dealer and given the chance I would buy how a company the size off the Audi group couldn’t come and go to get a deal I just couldn’t understand so they let st out on a sale as I was buying a Q5 that day "

11th December 2017 | Mr Gordon Smith

"Lookers Audi Sunderland were helpful because the staff were very friendly and not too pushy. "

11th December 2017 | Mrs Victoria Kemp

"I'd recommend Lookers Audi Newcastle to anyone because of the service that they provide from servicing to sales it was fantastic the staff are extremely knowledgeable, helpful & provide a fantastic customer experience."

11th December 2017 | Mr Peter Craddock

"Cannot comment"

11th December 2017 | Mr Michael Benwell

"I'd definitely recommend Lookers Audi Teesside because it’s an excellent purchase experience and the staff are very helpful. Danniel Spooner went above and beyond to make sure we where looked after and he was very flexible even contacting me on his day off."

11th December 2017 | Mr Craig Henry

"I'd definitely recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Glasgow because the staff were great help love the car I purchased and also accomadated too what I was willing too pay per month."

11th December 2017 | Mr John McLaughlin

"Peter Vardy Vauxhall Edinburgh were great because they tailor made the finance for me and tried there hardest to get the best deal for me"

11th December 2017 | Mr Darren Moffat

"Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh were great because got the car I was after"

11th December 2017 | Mr P

"I'd recommend Lookers Audi Guildford to a friend because Staff were helpful and knowledgeable"

11th December 2017 | Mr D


11th December 2017 | Mr Tom Robson

"I'd recommend Lookers Renault Newcastle because "

11th December 2017 | Mr C

"I would recommend Bristol Street Ford Stoke to friends and family because the service i recieved was excellant. The staff are very friendly and took the extra time to explain a number of details i was unsure about. 10/10 for customer service "

11th December 2017 | Mr Paul Inch

"Complete satisfaction from start to finish, no pushy sales people and a very good part exchange price offered. Highly recommended."

11th December 2017 | Mrs Linda Bruce

"My experience at Fish Brothers Honda was positive because of clear and straight forward approach and helpful attitude shown throughout. "

11th December 2017 | Mr Derek Gibson

"I was happy with the service at Motordepot Scunthorpe because there is a wide range of vehicles available."

11th December 2017 | Victoria Major

"The experience at Fordthorne Cardiff was good because Richard was awesome to deal with and made the transaction so painless."

11th December 2017 | Mrs Maureen Thomas

"My experience at Carbase Bristol could have been better because when i had an appointment booked at 9am to collect the car i had to wait 3 hours for them to finish cleaning the car and i got late for work. When i gt home i noticed the rear seats were very badly stained which should of been clean as i waited an extra 3 hours whilst they told me they were cleaning it. Im happy with the car mechanically but bodywork and interior wasnt perfect. Alot of deep scratches and just the rear seats had a bad stain. Overall i really do like my car but i feel the car should of been valeted properly and time keeping should of been within the time set for collection. i live 2 hours away so i couldnt bring it back to get them to sort out the back seats."

10th December 2017 | Mr A

"Lookers Nissan Gateshead were great because everything from looking at the cars to singing the forms was brilliant. All the members of staff were ready to help at any point and everyone, especially Davit Tait, went above and beyond to help me and make this car buy experience as enjoyable and hassle free as possible! "

10th December 2017 | Miss Jasmit Flora

"The experience at Snows Toyota Exeter was great because of the efficiency of your staff"

10th December 2017 | Mr Alec Stokes

"I'd definitely recommend FJ Chalke Mere because of the friend!y no pressure selling and excellent quality of vehicles."

10th December 2017 | Mr L

"I'd recommend Bristol Street Citroen Leicester to a friend because of the staff is helpful, paperwork is completed in a very short time and professionaly, mainly because every aspect of the vehicle is profesonaly taken care of thoughout the purchase period and everything is explained clearly and done according to customer satisfaction. "

10th December 2017 | Mr Mahboob Mohammad Hussain

"I'd suggest Sherwoods Stockton to a friend because Exceptional service from Mark Shevels and a fantastic price. I came away feeling that I had got a great deal!"

10th December 2017 | Mr Derek Ward

"The experience at Bristol Street SKODA Chesterfield was fantastic because we were well informed, listened to and were put under no pressure to decide quickly. Questions were answered politely and well, alternatives were discussed with us if we enquired and the after service has been good."

10th December 2017 | Mrs Rosemary O

"I'd endorse SERE Lisburn because the sales advisor Neil was very helpful explained everything and even measured the boot of the car so that I knew it was the right car for me and would fit everything. He took his time and his attitude was very helpful and friendly. "

10th December 2017 | Mrs M

"I was pleased with Fordthorne Cardiff and would recommend them because having visited other local dealers and being put off by the attitude of thier sales staff, Fordthorne Cardiff gave me an excellent choice of cars and let me make my own mind up with no aggressive sales pitch and no hidden charges"

10th December 2017 | Mr Richard Sugarman

"My experience at Sutton Park Warwick was positive because they met my needs and requirements."

10th December 2017 | Mr Matthew Warsop

"Platinum Skoda Bath were fantastic because I had excellent, personal service. From test driving to purchase to driving my car away was done in less than 24 hours. Surprised not to receive a bouquet of flowers on the back seat as this has been my previous experience with other car companies. A small thing but a nice gesture I believe"

10th December 2017 | Mrs G

"My experience at F J Chalke Yeovil was memorable because they know to treat and help the customer through the purchase "

10th December 2017 | Mr D Turner

"Yet again had another great experience purchasing from Haynes Maidstone. Lewis in used car sales was great, putting up with me changing my mind every 5 minutes and calling numerous times!! He sold me the car I purchased 3 years ago and was pleased to deal with him again. Will happily recommend to others and come back myself in the future. "

10th December 2017 | Miss Amelia Lingham

"I'd endorse Lookers Battersea Volkswagen because good service "

10th December 2017 | Mr David Knechtli

"I'd definitely recommend Bristol Street Vauxhall Newcastle because the sales staff really do go the extra mile to help. The salesman Mark was honest from the outset which isn't always the case with salesmen. Large selection of cars as well "

10th December 2017 | Mr James Brown

"The staff at SIMS Suzuki were good because they helped me find the right car for me and at a good price I have bought from them before and am happy to say I have never had any reason to complain so would recommend them to anyone ."

10th December 2017 | Mr Graham Marshall

"I would not recommend Sinclair Volkswagen Newport because aftersales care has been poor. Everything up until I'd left the dealership with the car was completely brilliant. But I ran out of fuel within 30 miles of the dealership, despite being promised a full tank of fuel. The car also shudders when I go over 75 mph. I have called countless times to talk to someone about the fuel and the shuddering issue and eventually someone got back to me a week later, promising to get back to me with a solution for both problems. A week later and still nothing. Very very disappointing and has spoiled my otherwise great experience with the dealership. "

10th December 2017 | Miss Lucy Sutton

"My experience at Baylis Vauxhall Gloucester was positive because their service is always 110% efficient and professional :) "

10th December 2017 | Mr Andrew Taylor

"Sherwoods Stockton were fantastic because customer service is always great and the staff are always polite and informative."

10th December 2017 | Mr A Ridge

"I'd endorse Bristol Street Ford Gloucester because I was helped every step of the way, for someone who didn't know much about changing cars I was helped at every step and the service was great "

10th December 2017 | Mr Tom Booth

"My experience at Bristol Street Ford Morpeth was cracking because the service and advice from Louis Turnbull was excellent and made the experience worth while, she didn’t hassle me or have the hard sell she was helpful and very informative. The car was described perfectly and the branch in Shirley where I collected the car were helpful to."

10th December 2017 | Mrs Helena Goode

"Bristol Street SEAT Birmingham were great because they gave me all the information needed and helped me choose the perfect car"

10th December 2017 | Miss Cianelle Ellesse Anderson

"Sherwoods Stockton staff were good because we found the staff friendly and happy at there work ,we have bought cars from peter gibson before at darlington he is very good at his job so was glad the car we wanted was at stockton..we would recomend people to call if they need a new car :)"

10th December 2017 | Mrs Margaret Cole

Evans Halshaw Ford Lincoln

Evans Halshaw Ford Lincoln

Evans Halshaw have over 130 stores across the UK, where you can gain access to our entire range of almost 20,000 nearly new and quality used cars. Our price guarantee means if you can find the same car for less within 5 days, we'll refund the difference. Part exchanges are welcomed and we can provide a range of finance solutions to suit you. If you find the right car but its miles away from you, with Move Me Closer we'll identify a closer store where with a refundable deposit we can move it closer for ease of test drive and viewing.

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