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100 reviews of TrustFord Craigavon

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Reviews of TrustFord Craigavon


Overall satisfaction


Would recommend

"I would not recommend Lookers Northallerton Volkswagen because. Poorly organised showroom, car we looked at had been heavily smoked in and not any attempt made to valet the car. Asking top prices for the used cars. On the plus side, the salesman we dealt with was good and friendly, not too pushy but professional."

18th October 2017 | Mrs B

"The experience at Ballyrobert Mallusk was good because I dealt with a very professional salesman MIchael and everything ran smoothly during the purchase. Could not be happier with the sale."

18th October 2017 | Mr Matt Lynch

"Windrush Volkswagen were great because the art of selling was at display when we visited. The sales person Manoj/mani greeted and handled us as customers that are of value for vw. As a customer I value the experience and would recommend the team and people in windrush as someone who would take care of you and make you feel happy about the purchase/experience."

18th October 2017 | Mr Sathiyan Srinivasan

"I was pleased with White Dove SEAT and would recommend them because they very helpful both during the sale and after sale of the car."

18th October 2017 | Mrs Joyce Taliana

"My experience at Vospers of Torbay Peugeot was memorable because we travelled a long way to collect a specific car and we were dealt with efficiently and courteously. We found the staff friendly and they gave us an honest evaluation of the car in question"

18th October 2017 | Mrs Lesley Arnold

"I have already recommended DM Keith Skoda Wakefield because I am happy with the cars and also with the dealership. "

18th October 2017 | Mr W

"its a large dealership with a lot of choice"

18th October 2017 | Mr P

"Sales team excellent but have lost confidence with the maintenance service. "

18th October 2017 | Mrs Valerie Fletcher

"The experience at Bristol Street Nissan Sheffield was good because they offered me a good deal on the car that I wanted and they were really helpful. "

18th October 2017 | Mrs M

"I'd suggest Renault Swansea to a friend because , "

18th October 2017 | Mrs Yin Heung Ho

"I would recommend Windrush Volkswagen to friends and family because they were very helpful, and made the whole experience simple and stress free "

18th October 2017 | Miss Chloe D

"I was happy with the service at DM Keith Skoda Huddersfield because everything was straightforward and very clear. "

18th October 2017 | Mr S

"Vospers of Hennock Road were great because they made my first official car buying experience a pleasant one! Tom was fantastic and welcomed myself and my family to sit and chat with him when we were ready. He listened to everything I was looking for and delivered above and beyond! I’ve recommended the dealership to friends and family and cannot fault the service! "

18th October 2017 | Miss Seantelle G

"I would recommend Bristol Street Vauxhall Newcastle because of their professionalism. "

18th October 2017 | Mr C

"the customer service is good, they are happy and that makes me happy."

18th October 2017 | Mrs J

"the staff are really friendly and helpful and go out of their way."

18th October 2017 | Mr G

"I would recommend DM Keith Skoda Leeds because from start to finish, the whole experience was very good. "

18th October 2017 | Mr O

"Buying a car can be a traumatic and frustrating experience with dealerships and salesmen not listening and following up with constant pushy phone calls. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH HENLEY CARS. We discovered their website whilst looking to change our main car and were impressed with the vehicles on offer and the prices. When we visited we were greeted by Barry who told us to look around at our leisure and if we wanted any help or the keys to any vehicles to just ask. We compared and looked at a couple of the cars that we particularly liked and had a chat with Barry (who, by the way made us a lovely cup of tea!) and from there we made our decision. We were given a fair price for our old car and so the deal was done. We are extremely pleased with our new car and have had a couple of follow up chats from Barry to make sure that this was the case. The car tax refund on the old vehicle, car tax on the new vehicle and change of numberplate was made seamlessly by Barry. It was a very pleasant experience and we now keep checking their website with a view to changing our other car in the near future. If you are in any doubt and reading this review then start here first because I am sure after looking round you will return to Henley Cars and their family friendly, unpushy customer service."

18th October 2017 | Mrs Barbara Gregory

"I'd definitely recommend Arthurs of Oswestry because the service was great and they gave a personal touch."

18th October 2017 | Mr Hugh Gwilyn Humphries

"I'd recommend Shelbourne Motors Renault to a friend because they are a trustworthy company who offer a wide selection of new & used cars at competitive prices"

18th October 2017 | Mr Willie Gribben

"they gave a great service and aftercare, the staff and helpful and friendly."

18th October 2017 | Mr M

"Vospers of Marsh Barton were fantastic because the sales executive responded to what we needed to know and was very clear and professional in his dealings with us. Not at all pushy "

18th October 2017 | Mrs B

"I would recommend Bristol Street Vauxhall Chingford because the salesperson I dealt with was great. I would tell people to go and take a look and make their own minds up about it all. "

18th October 2017 | Mr K

"I'd definitely recommend Vospers of Honiton Road Mazda because the person who dealt with my purchase (I believe his name was mike) was very good, not pushy at all and so informative about the car and the functions that would be of use to me. I never felt pressurized and he was so friendly and helpful that he made the transaction very smooth and a happy transaction which is totally different to some of the other occasions I have bought a car. his manner and customer service were second to none."

18th October 2017 | Mrs Victoria Foskett

"I'd recommend Bassetts Citroen Swansea to anyone because of the outstanding servicr we recieved from Martin Elliot ,went out of is way to reasure me that the cover i had and explanation of all the usual jargon in terms we both understood. My C4 was clean inside and out the extras had been fitted to the usual standard,and the after sales service as been asgood as it ever was."

18th October 2017 | Mr Terry Rhodes

"overall I'm satisfied although it does seem there are two seperaye wheels on the car. On the drivers side the wheels have a black wheel cover and passenger side has a blue cover. All wheels should be the same colour. Also the passenger side front tyre is significantly more worn than the others which is not correct for a car that has only done 2000 miles. My car is coming back in to hopefully get this rectified. "

18th October 2017 | Mr Julian Paul Heard

"they sorted out any problems easily"

18th October 2017 | Mrs B

"Lookers Teesside Volkswagen staff were good because they understood my needs"

18th October 2017 | Mr Martin McGuirk

"I would recommend DM Keith Skoda Leeds to someone if they want a Skoda as they are perfectly fine. "

18th October 2017 | Mr H

"I’ve now had four cars from Windrush Slough (one used and three new) and on every occasion the customer service and experience has been faultless. As a result of this I don’t see myself going anywhere else in the future. "

18th October 2017 | Mr Mark H

"The way i was treated in service, always reliable this time and the times before."

18th October 2017 | Mr H

"I'd suggest Bristol Street Nissan Sheffield to a friend because of the good range of cars that they have available. "

18th October 2017 | Mr W

"They are near to us. They are very civil and do their job and fixed any problems."

18th October 2017 | Mrs M

"My experience at Windrush Volkswagen could have been better because the junior person who led my purchased was not coached appropriately, which resulted in misunderstandings, lack of information and unprepared paperwork. I ended up having to lead the purchase. To their credit, the dealer did apologise, we’re accommodating when I picked up the car and were very courteous at all time. "

18th October 2017 | Dr K Maillard

"Sinclair Volkswagen Port Talbot staff were good because I found them friendly and very informotive about vehicle features etc.. I purchased my car using cash and there for had no need for finance..the only thing I could find negative to say about my purchase is that the vehicle had no interior mats to help keep the flooring clean. I think that after buying something so expensive using cash they should of been included in the sale price."

18th October 2017 | Mr Thomas Evans

"I'd recommend Vospers of Truro to anyone because they provide a good service, are friendly and professional and their stock seems to be well priced."

18th October 2017 | Mr Tim Roe

"The experience at Windrush Volkswagen was great because I work there and make the place brilliant "

18th October 2017 | Mr D Taberer

"they have been looking after me for years. i just ring them up and they do everything for me no bother."

18th October 2017 | Mr C

"i like the car and the customer service i received."

18th October 2017 | Mr H

"I'd recommend Drayton Motors to a friend because the whole purchase of my vehicle went well and I am pleased with the car."

18th October 2017 | Dr Anthony Maister

"I would recommend Bassetts Citroen Swansea to friends and family because I have always had really good service from them and have developed a good relationship with all members of the sales team, especially Darren and Lorna who have now sorted out my last 5 cares."

18th October 2017 | Mr Colin Bowditch

"I'd suggest Lookers Stockport Renault to a friend because I was very satisfied myself ."

18th October 2017 | Mr S

"it is a family business that look after their clients"

18th October 2017 | Mr M

"they are very friendly and helpful. whenever i need any work under warranty they get it done for me."

18th October 2017 | Mr W

"I dealt with John directly at branch and had a great experience, nice and smooth start to finish and all while avoiding the usual "car salesman" beating around the bush. Would recommend. "

18th October 2017 | Mr Christopher Smith

"they are comfortable and i like them, they are quick at servicing and everything was good."

18th October 2017 | Mrs G

"My experience at Hendy Car Store was memorable because they were very patient with my issues getting the funds from my bank and did not put any pressure on me to complete the sale. They were easy to communicate with and Andy was very friendly and accomodating"

18th October 2017 | Mrs Joanne Tilley

"Vertu Honda Grantham were great because they accommodated my every need. "

18th October 2017 | Mr Steven Arnold

"the people i dealt with were more than good and helpful"

18th October 2017 | Mr L

"The experience at Vospers of Marsh Mills Ford was great because it wasn’t made very easy, able to collect the car quickly and looked great when I went to pick it up "

18th October 2017 | Mrs Jennifer Fisher

"I had a great experience at Vospers of St Austell because the salesman Johnathon Edds, was so helpful, he explained everything brilliantly, it was a pleasure to be treated so nicely without any pressure whatsoever. He did everything, from sorting out part exchange for my car, to dealing with the DVL paperwork. I cannot recommend Vospers of St.Austell enough and also their staff. I would just like to say thank you for such a unstressed, easy experience. My little Smart car is wonderful."

18th October 2017 | Mrs Susie Foster

"we have dealt with them numerous time and these times have been very satisfactory."

18th October 2017 | Mrs Y

"I was pleased with Windrush Volkswagen and would recommend them because they have the best package for used cars (1 year warranty, full EU Breakdown cover, etc.) and they were polite and helpful during the whole procedure."

18th October 2017 | Mr Mark Marschalko

"the Sales person was really great and explained everything down to the last detail I would certainly recommend him every time "

18th October 2017 | Mr William Cowling

"My experience at Lookers Audi Tyneside was cracking because the salesman, Gary, was knowledgable, approachable and easy to deal with. The part-exchange and purchase of the Audi went without a glitch - great experience!"

18th October 2017 | Mr John Lillie

"My experience at Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell could have been better if they could bring back the family environment feeling and not adopte a Arnold Clark environment of “sales sales sales”"

18th October 2017 | Mrs M

"Vospers of Marsh Mills Ford were helpful because the sales representative Geoff Irvine was extremely helpful and curteous. "

18th October 2017 | Miss Pamela Davies

"They were really helpful, friendly and fitted me in well. They sorted me out and couldnt do enough for me."

18th October 2017 | Ms S

"Always very adaptable and fit you in around your plans"

18th October 2017 | Mr A

"generally good service overall and we have a connection"

18th October 2017 | Mrs D

"My experience at Vospers of Truro was positive because the polite service"

18th October 2017 | Mrs Jenny Barnard

"they have always been very good at service, they are courteous and very good "

18th October 2017 | Mr E

"I'd suggest Vospers of Torbay to a friend because Rupert hunter was very understanding and helpful in this purchase"

18th October 2017 | Mr Robert Read

"I'd recommend Bellinger Didcot to a friend because great service and fair price"

18th October 2017 | Mr Kevin Smith

"The staff at Lookers Volkswagen Silverlink were good because they were helpful "

18th October 2017 | Mrs Mandy Wilson

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh because the process I went through was awful. Advert was misleading, pricing was not transparent and information on website was false."

18th October 2017 | Mr Scott James

"They are the best Jaguar dealership in the country. Their service is second to none."

18th October 2017 | Mr E

"The staff at Greenhous Vauxhall Telford were good because they consistently perform to a very high standard. Communication iss always excellent if any problems are found."

18th October 2017 | Mr A Summers

"The experience at Bristol Street Hyundai Mansfield was fantastic because Simon Taylor was great, very helpful and cared about getting me the right car and deal thank you Simon "

18th October 2017 | Ms Samantha Radford

"I was pleased with Sinclair Audi Swansea and would recommend them because it was a good service and great car delivered when specified in excellent condition. I'd recommend them."

18th October 2017 | Mr Elliott Christie

"I find the service is good"

18th October 2017 | Mr L

"Vertu Honda Nottingham were great because they offer consistent quality and service. Peter Singh was super. Patient, helpful and informative in helping us choose and buy our latest Civic. Also, the service offered by Ian to transport and collect me when the car is serviced is excellent. He is a real delight, genuine and helpful. I would recommend Virtu and have done to family and friends. My daughter in law and a close friend have both bought Hondas recently from Virtu Nottingham."

18th October 2017 | Mrs Deborah Backshell

"I was pleased with Seat Derby and would recommend them because Kiera was great."

18th October 2017 | Mr White

"The experience at Vospers of Truro was fantastic because it was friendly without being pushy and our salesman was great to work with. We needed the car quickly and it was ready for us in 2 days , a great experience."

18th October 2017 | Mrs Samantha Yelland

"I'd definitely recommend Vospers of Torbay Peugeot to friends and family because we had fantastic service"

18th October 2017 | Miss K

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell because they are not to be trusted. They lie, make false promises and will always let you down!"

18th October 2017 | Mrs Nunn

"Lookers Renault Newcastle were great because they offer professional service without pestering you into a sale."

18th October 2017 | Mr Darren Lee

"Vospers of Marsh Mills Ford staff were good because the do what they say on the tin! A1 service :-)"

18th October 2017 | Mr B

"Lookers Renault Newcastle were great because friendly service & salesman had full knowledge of the car I was interested in"

18th October 2017 | Mr Trevor Arnott

"I'd recommend Windrush Volkswagen because the team at salesman dealing with me, Mani Patel, was courteous and knowledgeable and listened to my requirements and did not try pressuring me to go for something I did not want. "

18th October 2017 | Mr H

"I would not recommend Lookers Kia Stockport because although this time Sam was excellent when I purchased a vehicle earlier this year service was awful. "

18th October 2017 | Mr Robert Skyner

"My experience at Peter Vardy CarStore could have been better because ...see above"

18th October 2017 | Mr Gordon MacKenzie

"My experience at Lookers Guildford Volkswagen was memorable because i was was treated with integrity and honesty"

18th October 2017 | Mr Andrew T

"Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell were great because salesman David explained everything with a no pressure approach. "

18th October 2017 | Ms Marie McAlister

"Guy Salmon Jaguar Bristol were helpful because Paul responded to all messages promptly and kept me updated throughout the process."

18th October 2017 | Mr W

"Bristol Street Citroen Derby were great because of the service ,helpfulness, , felt very comfortable with everything. There was feeling of being pushed into purchasing, just lot of respect and imformative information from a caring salesman, Jason, . Will always go to Derby Bristol street motors for our Citreon .. All perfect and great service "

18th October 2017 | Mrs Janet Plant

"The experience at Lookers Kia Stockport was good because they had helpful staff and the car I was interested in purchasing"

18th October 2017 | Miss D

"I'd recommend Lookers Stockport Seat to anyone because I’ve been there twice the first time I had a car the second time I had to cancel. They have amazing customer services and the gentleman that deals with the motability department is fantastic. If I was to get another motability car I’ll be back there in a flash. "

18th October 2017 | Mrs Shelley Roylance

"I was dealt with by the Ford Salesman Geoff Irvine who was extremely helpful In dealing with our purchase and the sale of our original car. He explained all the paperwork to me and how to deal with the transfer of my private number plate and when collecting my new car explained how all the controls worked overall a great experience well done Geoff."

18th October 2017 | Mr Paul Jenkins

"The experience at Sinclair SKODA Swansea was pretty good, I was looked after, paperwork was easily completed and I got on my way home with minimal issues "

18th October 2017 | Mr Steven Farrimond

"I had a great experience at Lookers Volkswagen Newcastle because the professionalism and honesty of the staff was a breath of fresh air..."

18th October 2017 | Mr Sean Damer

"I knew the vehicle I wanted so I didn't need unwanted information about other models. The salesman, Sam Johns, was extremely professional and informative and was able to give me the information I needed without resorting to hard-sell tactics. Overall, my experience with Vospers of Marsh Mills was extremely positive and I would not hesitate to recommend them to a family member or friend."

18th October 2017 | Mr David B

"Corkills Volkswagen Wigan were great because all the staff were welcoming, friendly, helpful and professional especially Darren Woods. He went above and beyond to deliver a completely satisfactory buying experience. I was offered a good P/Ex price also. Everything was explained in full. Handover was thorough. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Darren. A quick turnaround and handover of the car was accommodated also. Would most definitely recommend Corkills Wigan"

18th October 2017 | Mr G

"I was very happy with the service at Lookers."

18th October 2017 | Mr Roy Booth

"I'd suggest Vospers of Marsh Barton to a friend because because my sales man was really friendly and knowledgeable "

18th October 2017 | Miss Natasha White

"I was pleased with Vospers of Marsh Mills Ford and would recommend them because James was very pleasant to deal with and all the minor blemishes were rectified. I was dubious about dealing with the Plymouth branch due to previous unhelpfulness if a salesman but James was great."

18th October 2017 | Mrs Lorraine Gaye Olver

"I'd suggest Vospers of Marsh Mills to a friend because of the friendly service I received by Darren Walker. He talked me through everything and was not pushy at all(which is why I chose to buy my car their) nothing was too much trouble for Darren. Thankyou Darren! "

18th October 2017 | Miss Leah Saunders

"My experience at Vospers of Marsh Barton could have been better if they inspected their car properly before selling them. Read their social media reviews. Nothing but bad press and from my own experience I’d never go to this company again. "

18th October 2017 | Mr O

"I'd definitely recommend Vospers of Truro because they are a fantastic team, aiming to give the best service possible. "

18th October 2017 | Mr Lee Padgeth

"Vospers of Chaddlewood were really helpful and I'd recommend them because they were very professional , informative and i had an overall excellent experience with the sales team. I cannot highly recommend them enough and will defiantly recommend to family and friends."

18th October 2017 | Miss Lisa Girvan

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TrustFord Craigavon

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