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100 reviews of Volkswagen Van Centre Sheffield

These reviews were collected by, an independant car dealer review website.


Reviews of Volkswagen Van Centre Sheffield


Overall satisfaction


Would recommend

"DM Keith Skoda Hull were fantastic because they went that extra mile"

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Wendy Daniel

"I would recommend DM Keith Skoda Wakefield to friends and family because Chris the sales person was great, knowledgeable, accommodating and we felt relaxed."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Ellis Leung

"I would not recommend Guy Salmon Jaguar Northampton because they seem unable to compete sensibly with other Jaguar dealerships."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Alan Burkey

"My experience at Think Ford Newbury could have been better because they need to be more competitive with their offers. List price plus lower than market trade in lost them a deal. Too late to contact me weeks later to say they could match any other offer."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Roland Krost

"I researched this car and knew Exactly what I wanted. Wanted ONLY a complete CASH transaction for a 1.6 petrol ALLURE 3008 Peugeot. Went via CARWOW and Arthurs were the lowest quote(cash). Phoned them up.. spoke to Anthony Mahon, Gave him the CARWOW ref number AND the QUOTED PRICE and told him I would make the journey to Wrexham( with my wife) on Thur22/FEB to sign-up on the deal ! ... When I arrived he wasted my time by trying sell me (a) a 2nd hand DIESEL (FILTHY) demonstrator or (2) the alternative smaller engine 1.2( on which he knew I had not requested or research thro CARWOW. The sales manager on duty...finally had to arrive to say they could NOT honour the quote ( dated 48 hours previous) and the MINIMUM he could go to £25890 PROVIDED I TOOK IT VIA FINANCE?? another 10% above this for CASH. ( The CARWOW quote given in the previous 48 hrs had been £25008. ......... What's going on? I get a sob story from the sales man that he's not making any money on this... that he needs to give CARWOW £395( so what's that got to do with me)?? ... a price was quoted and they refused to meet it! ... I know whats going on..get the customer in the door in any way whatsoever. I seriously question the whole ethics of this operation works; and will advise anyone I know to stay well clear !!!! CARWOW should seriously think about removing them from any cost enquiry/quote circular."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Anthony Fleming

"was Very;happy with staff and overall the sale experience went really well and the overall deal"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Thomas Sommerville

"I would not recommend Pentagon Sheffield every poor costumer relations! Messages and e mails no reply! Don’t ever ever use this dealership after all I was only trying to buy a new car!! Joke shop "

23rd February 2018 | Mr John Turner

"I'd suggest DM Keith Skoda Leeds to a friend because of the fantastic friendly service, great value and advice, and just great professionalism and courtesy. Absolutely terrific and no surprise that they win awards"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Paul Millner

"Pentagon Sheffield were fantastic because they were very professional knowldgeable and friendly staff"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Anthony Sanford

"I'd recommend Prentice BMW to anyone because they have great customer service and will go above and beyond to help you find a car "

23rd February 2018 | Miss Cherry

"I had a great experience at Pentagon Doncaster because I was advised about I vehicle even though it had sold, i wasn’t ignored because of that. I felt valued as a customer and felt more likely to return to look. "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Simon Braithwaite

"The experience at Pentagon Keighley was great because it was friendly and helpful"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Steven T

"My experience at Pentagon Nottingham could have been better because slow and poorly informed response."

23rd February 2018 | Dr Les Norman

"I'd recommend Harratts Renault and Dacia Wakefield because staff is very friendly and helpful. They have vast range of cars both new and used."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Thomas Dabrowski

"My experience at Lookers Audi Teesside could have been better because over the past three years I feel I have been treated poorly. This has nothing to do with the sales person "Cuz" who dealt with me on this particular occasion as he was professional and polite and maybe other staff members could take a leaf out of his book."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Peter Howarth

"I had a great experience at Lookers Volkswagen Van Centre Teesside because they were very helpful, prompt with answers and willing to help as much as possible"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Bannister-Harding

"My experience at Sturgess Hyundai Aylestone Road could have been better because of the comments I've made earlier in this survey."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Graham Vallis

"I'd recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell to anyone because I have found them to be honest and reliuable. They look after their customers after purchase and I would be unlikely to go anywhere else. So far I have introduced two customers to Peter Vardy and both have bought cars from them on my recommendation."

23rd February 2018 | Ms F

"My experience at Lookers Ford Transit Centre Leeds was extremely poor because no one bothered to ring me back"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Alex Black

"I'd recommend Horton Skoda to anyone because of their friendly helpful and informative response to my problems"

23rd February 2018 | Mr & Mrs Richard And Molly Barrett

"The experience at Lookers St Helens Vauxhall was fantastic because friendly staff"

23rd February 2018 | Miss Bennett

"because you are in dooors "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Alan Scobie

"Offer a realistic trade in price my car is only 14 months old and you are only offering 16k for an extrail Tecna."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Brian MacK

"I'd definitely recommend Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff to friends and family because of choice of vehicles, professionalism and cleanliness of showroom and pleasant staff."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Barri Williams

"I'd suggest Lookers Teesside Volkswagen to a friend because I was impressed by their interest and response to my enquiry."

23rd February 2018 | Mr James Grierson

"My experience at Lookers Ford Harrogate could have been better because - I have already explained."

23rd February 2018 | Mr David Burchell

"Manchester Audi were really helpful and I'd recommend them because I know they’d offer fantastic service to my friends, also the front of house man is the happiest man I’ve ever met and automatically makes you feel welcome & appreciates "

23rd February 2018 | Miss Danielle Milton

"I'd endorse Peter Vardy Vauxhall Perth because I have bought three cars from them and have been happy with both the sales and after sales service."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Michael Haigh

"I'd recommend Peter Vardy MINI Edinburgh because it’s first class from A-Z "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Roy Baines

"My experience at Lookers Volkswagen Silverlink could have been better because staff promised contact that never happened. Nothing seems upto date on the website but no one called back for you to do anything over the phone, I tried web chat and was promised calls and emails regarding finance that I’ve never had!"

23rd February 2018 | Ms Adele Sutcliffe

"I was pleased with Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh and would recommend them because I have purchased three new cars in the last three years they continue to exceed my expectations from both a sales and an after sales perspective. "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Donald McArthur

"I'd recommend Lookers Ford Chelmsford New to a friend because they quickly sort to understand my needs and pain points and then managed their process around me"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Andrew B

"I'd definitely recommend Peter Vardy CarStore Dundee because staff are friendly and happy to help"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Don Christie

"My experience at Lookers Ford Sheffield was positive because they looked after my son and he purchased a new vehicle from them. We both attended the sales event together."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Terry Green

"I would not recommend Lookers St Helens Vauxhall because of the nasty attitude of the sales guy because I didn’t give him a courtesy call back the next day I tried to tell him and I apologised but he put phone down on me ,,,,,, I had a death in the family "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Jacqueline White

"I was happy with the service at Peter Vardy CarStore Dundee because I was dealt with on the day of my enquiry and bought the car the same day. "

23rd February 2018 | Miss Alana Rasche

"The experience at Lookers Northallerton Volkswagen was great because the service provided was very professional. We will be looking to make a purchase after 10th March."

23rd February 2018 | Mr David Webster

"My experience at Lookers Preston Volkswagen could have been better if the sales man wasn't instantly pushy."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Joshua Marlot

"I'd endorse Bassetts Citroen Carmartheveryn because they are very friendly and helpfully with very good deals and no pressure sales tactics"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Gwernydd Davies

"My experience at Lookers Ford Sheffield was memorable because the salesman was first class,but could not match Evans halshaw on adones this time."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Robin Brown

"Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh were helpful because they were very efficient and quick and satisfying "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Frances Martin

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Edinburgh because my experience as a first time visitor"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Leonard Makovora

"My experience at Volkswagen Van Centre Guildford could have been better because we weren't treated with respect because we were young. We were looking for a van and were ready to buy out right, we had blunt and unhelpful answers from the salesperson who had no interest in serving us. Sadly they lost a sale as we bought elsewhere "

23rd February 2018 |

"The experience at Lookers Speke Vauxhall was great because they're looking to help the buyer and not themselves."

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Marie Wilson

"The staff at Lookers Audi Tyneside were good because of their honesty, professionalism and friendliness "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Tony Storey

"I'd recommend Lookers Volkswagen Van Centre Teesside to anyone because ive had a good experiance with them"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Andrew Paget-White

"I'd endorse Bassetts Honda Bridgend because I have bought three Jazzes now from Neil in sales who is always honest & trustworthy,"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Malcolm Yaw

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Motherwell because part exchange offer is very poor"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Gary Connell

"I'd endorse Lookers Audi Teesside because their staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable without being too pushy."

23rd February 2018 | Mr David Maughan

"My experience at Lookers Nissan Newcastle was cracking because of the people I dealt with adam and steven and the great deal "

23rd February 2018 | Miss Tracey Stephenson

"I'd definitely recommend Baylis Vauxhall Cheltenham because they are always fair, they explain everything in detail, they put you at ease. "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Amanda Cross

"Vertu Honda Stockton were really helpful and I'd recommend them because Steve our sales person was so friendly and knowledgeable , and if there was something he didn't know ( being a Honda dealer and having bought a Kia) he went out of his way to find out, I tell everybody where we bought our car and to go see Steve ."

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Andrew Uttley

"Bristol Street Volvo Sheffield were great because the staff were friendly. They have great cars in a nice environment "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs B

"The staff at Lookers Ford Sunderland were good because salesman Michael Beck was very friendly and had our needs as a priority. Will definitely be back"

23rd February 2018 | Mr Luke Hunter

"My experience at Lookers Stockport Renault was positive because the staff are very knowledgeable & professional & the process of purchasing a vehicle was very effortless."

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Caroline Gore

"As soon as I explained to Raj what type of car I was looking for he knew right away the best option they had for me. He was very helpful when explaining my finance options and throughout the sale and purchase. The car I chose had some minor damage that they had not yet had chance to repair and I was booked in the following week to have all issues rectified. I was extremely satisfied with the service received and I’m very happy with my new car. Thank you. "

23rd February 2018 | Miss Sheppard

"Baylis Vauxhall Worcester were great because the customer service on the phone and in shop was great and all the people were very friendly and understanding. "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Danny Flectcher

"My experience at Lookers Nissan Gateshead could have been better had the salesman listened to my original enquiry and the purpose of the sale. The original invoice was named incorrectly (which could have been looked over) but the style of the Sale was not as intended. The car then on receiving it had a few issues such as the parcel shelf was missing (which later came by UPS from the dealer) and the spare key was not programmed to the car, so we only have one key. The car also was not cleaned properly and had remnants of dog hair is crevices, between the seats and headlining. I feel had the salesman listened a little more attentively and the paperwork was prepared correctly and the cleanliness was better then this review would be a positive one. "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Rental Days

"I'd definitely recommend Lookers Volkswagen Newcastle because good range of vehicles with decent price. "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Andrew Hall

"The experience at Holdcroft Hyundai Stockport was good because everything was explained in a timely manner and I felt looked after appropriately."

23rd February 2018 | Mr R Maiolani

"I was happy with the service at Bellinger Didcot because of the lack of "hard sell". Whilst I was there I overheard a few phone calls and the level of customer care was impressive. I got the impression that rather than go for a hard sell one off purchase , their business model is based more around repeat custom from satisfied customers and, a far more long term pleasant and more profitable arrangement , for all parties concerned. "

23rd February 2018 | Mr H

"I'd definitely recommend Vospers of Marsh Barton because they sourced the exact model we asked for very quickly and service from the used car department was exemplary."

23rd February 2018 | Ms Kirsty Howie

"My experience at Now Vauxhall Staples Corner could have been better because the sales department should deliver a car away of paint scratches dents well clean outside and inside as brand new "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Alberto Duarte

"My experience at Solberge Hall was positive because we really had a lovely relaxing time "

23rd February 2018 | Dean James

"Just for the overall choice of cars "

23rd February 2018 | Lee Hackett

"The experience at Vertu Honda Stockton was good because all staff were very helpful and courteous and listened to what we wanted. "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Robert Keen

"I was pleased with Vospers of Torbay and would recommend them because they were friendly and very helpful "

23rd February 2018 | Mr James Dicken

"The experience at Renault Cardiff was great because they have a good stock of nearly new and pre-reg cars which represent excellent value. This is the fourth Renault we have bought from them. The sales staff are very efficient and friendly and the service deptvare excellent. I also have acquired a strong affinity for Renault design."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Gwyn Smith

"Mackie Motors Arbroath staff were good because they took the time to understand my needs and budget. Due to this being my first purchase of a car i had some questions and uncertainty . The salesperson was patient and understanding with this and took the time to find something that i was happy with. I never felt rushed or pressurised in any way which as a new buyer put ease."

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Elaine Parks

"I would not recommend Pentagon Burton Peugeot because on this ocassion the purchase process was marred by several errors in the paperwork i.e. wrong car, then wrong mileage for finance. Incorrect spec. of car given by salesman. Three visits required resulting in several hours spent waiting in showroom while paperwork and computer records corrected. Process further complicated by annual leave and sickness of staff leading to several people being involved with completing the purchase. "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Partridge

"Having used Mike Brewer's before for a Service, and having a failed bulb it made sense to take it to them to replace. The Golf I own requires the grill and internal wheel covers to be removed just to get the light cluster out. I was in and out really fast, got upgraded bulbs for better light fitted and it was cheaper than the other High street names out there."

23rd February 2018 | Mr R A

"I'd recommend SERE Belfast to a friend because excellent service and friendly staff"

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Shelia Conway

"I'd recommend Lookers Walton on Thames Volkswagen because nothing too much trouble "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Louise Casey-Woodger

"The staff at Stoneacre Doncaster York Road were good because they where honest and gave me all the info marionette I wanted."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Gary Carline

"My experience at Fish Brothers Toyota was positive because good communication, good price on good vehicle, they delivered the car and drove away my part exchange old car. They did what they said they would do. Easy transaction, answered all my questions. No surprises. Thank you. "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Lorraine Thomas

"My experience at Lookers Guildford Skoda was cracking because we got the car we wanted ."

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Jane Leadbetter

"The experience at Unbeatablecar Crawley was fantastic because all the hassle of documentation was handled by them and was relatively painless"

23rd February 2018 | Miss Lisa Monk

"we rented a toyota from Shelbourne Vehicle Rentals, we took the vehicle for 4 weeks over xmas and new years, the car was clean and tidy when we got it, which was delivered to us free of charge because they were running a tad late. Overall experience was excellent and I do recommend them to others and will use next time i'm in Ireland."

23rd February 2018 | Kevin Robert Young

"Drive Vauxhall WestonSuperMare were helpful because there was no messing about, went in on the Saturday and was driving the van by the Monday. Quick, friendly and efficient "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Nigel Holmes

"very Professional and polite "

23rd February 2018 | Mr Raymond Beer

"The staff at Brindley Mazda Wolverhampton were good because they are very helpful "

23rd February 2018 | Miss Julia Domingos

"I would recommend Lookers Ford Braintree to friends and family because they are very welcoming and knowledgeable about all their cars and packages and explain everything simply."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Adam Brundell

"Bassetts Citroen Swansea were really helpful and I'd recommend them because they are super efficient. Plus when they realised my disability meant not only am I brain damaged and have seizures, but I am deaf and blind too, they couldn’t have been more patient. I actually had a seizure while picking up the car with my husband and everything was done at my pace. I didn’t feel rushed at all. Plus the car is absolutely wonderful. Thank you Terri and Thank you Bassetts Citroen Swansea. "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Gail Mundy

"Chapelhouse St Helens were helpful. Sales man very good not pushy i find it very offputting when salesmen is too pushy it puts me off..i didnot experience this.. "

23rd February 2018 | Mrs Rose Humphreys

"My experience at Lookers St Helens Vauxhall could have been better because you don't honour your offer say part ex only fit for auction then sell on yourself at double price it happened before and salesman said same this time I don't trust you anymore tried to convince me 100 &250 made 750 not when I went to school."

23rd February 2018 | Mr Trevor Hutchinson

"I would recommend Shelbourne Vehicle Rental to friends and family because I received a 1st class service by very friendly and helpful staff, couldn't fault Shelbourne Rental one bit. Will definitely be using them again in the future. "

23rd February 2018 | Control Zone Security

"The staff at West End Garage Edinburgh were good because they listened to me and what my needs were and advised me what was available. I was not pressured into buying any car. I do fell that the car I bought is exactly what I was looking for and am still thrilled at the quality of the car and the salesmanship and professionalism of your staff, which is quite simply outstanding. Thanks you so much. I've recommended you to several members of my family who also drive Skoda cars. And they could not believe the friendliness of your staff compared to other Skoda dealers in Edinburgh. "

22nd February 2018 | Ms Clare Douglas

"I'd definitely recommend Lookers Renault Newcastle to friends and family because the offer great deals with brilliant customer service"

22nd February 2018 | Mr Simon Lumsden

"My experience at Macklin Hyundai Edinburgh West was memorable because had a weekend away"

22nd February 2018 | Mrs Jane Martinicca

"West Country Cars were great because of the great service I received from them highly recommend them "

22nd February 2018 | Mr David Larcombe

"I was happy with the service at Bristol Street Citroen Derby because sales man Chris was excellent. I am in sales myself and he wasnt pushy just the right amount of contact and always called back. "

22nd February 2018 | Mr Ian Dean

"Vertu Honda Boston were great because the process of having the car transferred from another Vertu dealer along with purchasing the vehicle seemed effortless. I liked that"

22nd February 2018 | Mrs S

"Lookers Skoda Stockport were helpful because I received a high level of service during the purchase of my latest car. I was kept up to date on a regular basis during the sale period. Very happy."

22nd February 2018 | Mr Matthew Ball

"I was happy with the service at Vospers of Marsh Mills Nissan because our advisor was very courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful. He talked us through the purchase step by step and ensured everything went as smoothly as possible. He also made sure our extras were added and dealt with us in a very professional and non pushy manner throughout."

22nd February 2018 | Mrs Claire Chown

"My experience at Unbeatablecar Crawley was cracking i found a lovely little car that is just perfect and the service was so good from the salesperson "

22nd February 2018 | Mrs Yvonne Leaver

"I was happy with the service at Saltmarine Hyundai because they were happy to hold the car until I was able to be, friendly salesmen, happy to help "

22nd February 2018 | Mr Blair

"The staff at Lookers Motherwell Nissan were good because they are professional, polite and not pushy in trying to get you to take out finance/ extras"

22nd February 2018 | Mr Stephen Cahill

"My experience at Dacia Cardiff could have been better because the salesman lost all interest once I'd paid a deposit, he didn't do what he promised to do & despite me chasing him via email it took days for him to respond to me. At hand over he had failed to get matters sorted (no manual, no mats, stone chips not sorted, no service history documentation, media system needing radio code which was not supplied). It's now almost 2 weeks since I bought the car & the only thing that's been sorted is the radio code to unlock the media system. I've since had a letter confirming my 12 mth warranty but it's been dated so I get less than the full 12 mths. "

22nd February 2018 | Mrs B

"I would not recommend Peter Vardy Vauxhall Perth because I paid a deposit for a car to come from another garage and a week later it was sold I was very disappointed,I then came to the garage where I was offered an automatic which I didn't want explained I would have a look at a petrol Mokka which we did on the court it had its price on it but when we went inside to negotiate I was told this car had also been sold you can imagine I was very disappointed. This car should have had a sold sign on it then customers know not to look at them . When I got my deposit back the young man appologised but sadly didn't offer to help find another car."

22nd February 2018 | Ms Williams

"Lomond Audi Edinburgh were really helpful and I'd recommend them because they went above and beyond to provide the best service and ensure that we were well taken care of and all aspects of purchase were 100% and that we were more than just satisfied. The Sales Executive done a great job and because of this we would recommend them."

22nd February 2018 | Mr Gibson

Volkswagen Van Centre Sheffield

Volkswagen Van Centre Sheffield

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