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We all know that the cost of driving is at a premium. Rising fuel prices and the hike in the cost of insuring a car have hit UK motorists squarely where it hurts. At a time when every few yards on the road seems to empty our wallets, a free handbook that gives motorists the tips to improve their miles per gallon will come as welcome relief.

The key is ‘Hypermiling’, a craze that originated in the US that involves using driving techniques to maximise fuel economy. Before you have visions of coasting down hills with your engine off, rest assured that the simple ideas are safe, legal and can be followed by the average motorist. With just a few basic changes to driving habits people can save up to 40 per cent on fuel costs.

In our new ‘Hypermiling Handbook’, we bring all the tips together in one place and, in the interest of making UK motoring as pain free as possible, we are offering it to you for free. Just click here to download it. Try following the techniques and you could find yourself saving hundreds of pounds in fuel costs over the course of a year. If all UK drivers took heed, it would total billions across the whole country

And it really works; take it from one who knows. Karl Dyson is the pioneer of Hypermiling in the UK and even has a great blog dedicated to the art ( that is well worth a look.

Let’s face it, the definition of a good driver has changed. We have moved on from boasting about 0 to 60’s and top speeds to trading ideas on how to achieve the maximum speed/fuel economy ratios. Our Hypermiling Handbook is the toolbox for you, the new motorist, to save money.

Click here to download the handbook.

Posted by Leana Kell on 16/06/2011