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Avoiding stress on the school runBack

As a busy mum, it can often be a difficult task to remain calm when you’re behind the wheel. Kids can be very demanding and will often step it up a gear when confined to a smaller space!

Car journeys can become very stressful, particularly when you are transporting tired kids home from school whilst attempting to negotiate heavy school-induced traffic at the same time.

But however wound up you get, it’s well worth remembering that keeping your cool on the road is essential to making sure that you don’t put yourself or your passengers at risk of an accident.

Below is a list of key points from the team at Trusted Dealers on how to keep calm and remain in control when faced with the most challenging conditions.

Plan your journey

If you’re planning a longer journey with the kids, it pays to be prepared. There is nothing worse than getting lost with a car full of kids, so make sure you’ve got your sat nav system with you if you need to locate a specific address. But do not solely rely on it – it’s always worth bringing back up such as a Google maps print or AA route planner print out to make absolutely sure you know where you are heading.

Tackling road rage

If you do encounter any road rage during your journey from other drivers, do not rise to it. Reacting to someone else’s bad temper will only put you and your passengers in danger and could cause unnecessary stress to an already difficult situation. If a driver is being particularly aggressive then its best to lock your doors, keep your eyes focussed on the road and leave plenty of space between you and the person’s vehicle.

Combat distractions

No matter how loud the children are being, you must learn to zone out and remain focussed on the road. It helps to make sure that all your passengers are firmly strapped in with some light entertainment such as books or toys to keep them amused, or even CDs and games consoles for longer journeys. Snacks and drinks can also help while away some vital time when faced with a car of bored kids.

Avoid tailgating

If you do become distracted by cries from the back seat, remember not to tailgate the car in front. It’s sometimes easy to forget how close you are to another car in heavy traffic, but you need to make sure that if the car in front needed to brake suddenly, you will have time to put your brakes on and avoid a collision.

Take breaks

Remember to take regular breaks if your journey is long, as this will greatly help to reduce any tension in the car. It’s amazing what a stretch of legs and some time away from the car can do to your stress levels, not to mention helping the kids to burn off their pent up energy.

Posted by Leana Kell on 29/03/2012