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Best small automatic carsBack

Have you ever considered buying an automatic car? Certainly more and more of us are now making this choice, in fact, some cars such as the popular BMW 5-Series Touring, only come with automatic transmission.

Buying an automatic car no longer has the stigma it used to have whereby drivers felt they had to make sacrifices in performance, fuel economy and driving enjoyment. In fact, in certain cases these qualities are actually enhanced by choosing an automatic car.

Many older people favour the automatic car because it makes driving that little bit easier – you no longer have to worry about changing gear. This can be particularly refreshing whilst stuck in traffic when constant gear changes can become extremely tiresome.

If all the above sounds appealing, it’s still hard to know where to start with purchasing an automatic car which is why the team at Trusted Dealers has chosen three of the best small automatic cars currently available to buy below.

Nissan Micra: Prices from £2,491.00

The Nissan Micra was initially marketed as a young person’s car but in recent years it has enjoyed a high amount of popularity among older drivers reaching retirement age as well as those looking to downsize their family car. Nissan offers an advanced, electronically controlled four-speed automatic which offers a smooth drive with reasonable response times. The automatic transmission is available on Nissan’s 1.2 and 1.4 litre petrol models or as an option on the 1.6 litre Micra C+C models. Choose the 1.2 automatic model and you’ll benefit from a combined mpg of 42.8 with CO2 emissions at 161g/km.

Honda Jazz: Prices from £2,950.00

The Honda Jazz is one of the vehicles which has dispensed of traditional manual transmission altogether in favour of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which is theoretically the most perfect of all automatic systems. Although there has been a few problems reported with this system when connected to smaller engines, the CVT works very well in the Honda Jazz’s compact 1.4-litre unit making the driving experience a great deal of fun. The fuel deficit is only 2 per cent in comparison to the manual model but you’ll have to pay an extra £1000 for the privilege.

Citroen C2 Sensodrive: Prices from £3,695.00

The Citroen C2 is one of the best small automatic cars due to the fact that it’s a popular small car in its own right, therefore the automatic option simply makes it even more appealing to those who want to stick the car in auto mode and forget about it. There are numerous ways the driver can shift the gears using Sensodrive including clever paddles behind the wheel as well as the car’s innate ability to ‘learn’ the driver’s style, so that the car becomes even smoother over time. Together with the Citroen C2’s innovative Stop and Start system, this small automatic car is also competent at saving you fuel and CO2 emissions.



Posted by Leana Kell on 10/10/2012