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Cars for empty nestersBack

If your kids are about to fly the nest for pastures new, you might be thinking that an estate car should be your next move. After all, how will you transport your darling children to and from their next destination?

Buying an estate car is certainly the sensible move, but if part of you has been waiting for this moment to come for years, and you long to throw caution to the wind, now is your chance!

So for those daring mums out there who are looking for the perfect remedy to move on from the ties of parenthood, the Trusted Dealers have got a few suggestions below for some fantastically fun cars which we guarantee will help you fill the void in style.

Mazda MX5: Priced from £4,495.00

The Mazda MX5 is one of our all time favourite convertible cars. It has everything you could want from a soft top, and it comes at an affordable price too. It’s a stylish roadster which screams fun from the minute you step inside. To drive, the MX5 is loud and raucous so you’ll certainly turn a few heads when out and about. The car’s steering is responsive and it manoeuvres well due to its size. The latest version of the Mazda MX5 is more practical that older models, so there is even room in the boot for a couple of small suitcases with further storage space behind the seats. You can opt for a steel or cloth roof which opens up in just 12 seconds and doesn’t even compromise on boot space – it’s the perfect open top car.

Mini Cooper: Priced from £4,250.00

We simply can’t speak highly enough about the Mini Cooper, a car which has achieved phenomenal success thanks to its excellent fuel economy and thrilling drive. Not to mention the fact that no other small car on the market holds its value quite as well, meaning you’ll save cash when you come to sell it on… if you ever do want to sell it on. Choose a diesel engine and you can achieve up to 72.4mpg, with fuel economy helped by the clever Start Stop mechanism found in Minis and other BMW cars. Step inside the cabin and you’re in for a treat as Minis are well known for their quirky interior design and are packed with plenty of gadgets to keep you and your passengers amused. Driving a Mini Cooper is pure fun and you’ll feel just at home at high speed as you will about town. It’s certainly the one to be beaten!

Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe: Priced from £5,995.00

The Mercedes-Benz C Class screams style and sophistication all the way and its prestigious badge never fails to impress when it comes to comfort and luxury. You’ll pay slightly more cash to own a Mercedes-Benz car, but we think it is well worth the price tag. The Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe is a car dedicated to sportiness and every part of its design lets its followers know that this is a fast car. Step inside the cabin and you’ll be in awe of its plush seats and attention to detail which is what makes the Mercedes brand really stand out from the rest. Choose a C220 CDI to achieve a fine balance between price, driving performance and speed and we guarantee you’ll not want to be parted from this car in a hurry.

Posted by Leana Kell on 20/07/2012