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Cars for teensBack

Purchasing a new or used car for your teenager may feel like a daunting process. Car insurance for teens has greatly increased in recent years and with so many new cars appearing on the market every year, it can be hard to decipher just which one will be right for a new driver.

Car insurance is probably the biggest factor you will need to consider when purchasing a car for your child as it can be astronomical if you do not choose wisely. Other factors to consider are overall price of the car, its fuel efficiency, reliability and above all, safety.

It is also worth thinking about what the car will be used for. Does your child simply need a car to get out and about town, or will it be used to commute to a regular job? All these factors will make a difference to the amount of money your wish to spend. Read below for the Trusted Dealer’s guide to the top three best cars for teens:

Ford Ka: Prices from £1,970.00

The Ford Ka remains one of the most popular cars on the road. Ford is a reliable brand so you can expect to get a good return for your money when it comes to selling the car on. Car insurance for the Ford Ka remains lower than many other rivals thanks to the car’s excellent fuel economy achieved by its small but versatile dimensions. The Ford Ka is the perfect city runabout, and will even manage longer journeys with a reasonable amount of comfort. It seats up to four although leg and headroom in the rear is tight. Ford also offers a variety of options which enable buyers to personalise their Ka so that it is unique.

Peugeot 107: Prices from £3,750.00

The Peugeot 107 is another popular choice. It’s an attractive car which sports cheeky looks and a three-cylinder engine which exempts drivers from road tax because of its low CO2 emissions. It the perfect car to opt for if you’re looking for something to get out and around town in, but it’s not as good for longer journeys. It is offered in three of five doors and equipment levels are good, even on the basic model. It also receives a four-star safety Euro NCAP rating for added peace of mind. Running costs including insurance are low and you’ll find the car offers great quality for the money you’ll pay to own it.

MINI One: Prices from £5,150.00

The MINI One is not the obvious choice of car for a teenager as MINI cars are a premium brand and therefore cost more to purchase initially than other superminis. However, the MINI One falls into one of the lowest car insurance brackets and it is therefore an attractive choice for teenage drivers when it comes to running costs. It will also retain its value well so you will save money when you come to sell it on. The MINI One comes with a host of safety equipment and it is a fun, quirky car which also looks and feels great on the road.

Posted by Leana Kell on 11/05/2012