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Cluttered boot sound familiar?Back

I have just got home from the weekly shop and yet again I’ve struggled to fit it all into my boot. This is not because I drive a particularly small car, or that my car has a particularly small boot, but it is down to the fact that, like many busy working mums, I have fallen into a bad habit of using my car boot as an official dumping ground!

I am certainly not the only woman who does this, I know for a fact that the woman who lives opposite me regularly visits her boot to pluck out whichever particular items she might need for the gym, the kids or her daily job.

In fact, almost one quarter of British drivers recently admitted to using their cars as a permanent storage space for unwanted household items with one in ten people owning up to having never cleared out their luggage compartment.

According to research carried out by YouGov for Shell, British drivers are actually wasting large amounts of fuel by carting around unwanted items in their boot on a daily basis, meaning they could be saving money each month if they just remained more tidy.

A third of people surveyed by Shell store more than five items in their boot at any given time and the top five most popular items stored included tools, wellington boots and outdoor clothing, a gym bag, sports equipment and golf clubs and a pushchair or baby equipment, not to mention multiple pairs of shoes which took up as many as 9 per cent of the results.

What is even more interesting is that three quarters of people who discovered that a cluttered car meant they were using up extra fuel said they would be willing to change the way they drove if it meant they could save more cash. That’s why Shell has recently launched a campaign to help millions of motorists across the world learn how to save fuel. The campaign is entitled ‘Target One Million’ and it employs a series of interactive, online mini-games to help drivers reduce their motoring spend.

Quentin Willson, Shell’s FuelSave ambassador, said: “It’s amazing that so many of us are carrying around unnecessary items in our boots, meaning we’re wasting fuel and money every time we drive. The Target One Million mini-games are a fun and quick way for British drivers to learn how to drive more efficiently and reduce their fuel costs. Saving fuel can be really easy once you know how.”

The first mini-game – Shell FuelSave Challenge – is available now when you visit, and there are more games set to be released over the coming months. So, next time you shove something into your boot for safe keeping, remember it will cost you.


Posted by Leana Kell on 24/10/2012