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Dads are the best drivers, but mums are the most fun…Back

A consumer group has recently revealed results from an opinion poll which details what kids really think about their parent’s driving.

Kids were asked who they believed to be the best driver – mum or dad, and the results show that they did not hold back when it came to their answers, citing ‘bad music’, ‘loud singing’ and ‘shouting at other drivers’ as three of the most prominent negative aspects of their parent’s behaviour behind the wheel.

The RAC survey polled 1,000 children aged between five and seven and was conducted by Dubit, a children’s research agency. The results found that more than 50 per cent of kids considered their father as the better driver out of both their parents. Mums also came second for parking the family car, with 58 per cent of kids believing their dad to be the better parker. But when it came to having fun behind the wheel, the mums scored much higher, beating the dads by almost two to one as the better car companions.

The kids went on to reveal their parent’s worst and most annoying driving habits explaining that whilst they were tolerant of speeding, honking their horn and the use of rude words, they were far less receptive to their parents’ bad taste in music. Thirty-four per cent of kids admitted that their parent’s off key and out-of-tune singing drove them crazy, whilst 21 per cent cringed at their parents’ embarrassing habit to shout at other road users. Results also showed that mums were 20 per cent more likely than dads to use bad language when driving.

When it came to the most popular children’s in-car entertainment, technology took over with 32 per cent of children enjoying DVDs and playing on an iPhone or iPad. Although playing games in the car with family and visiting service stations were both additional popular past times on car journeys, unsurprisingly, kids named ‘eating sweets’ as their ultimate favourite thing.

Although grandparents received the lowest accolade from children for their driving capability, their house was voted the favourite destination with 21 per cent of children describing it as their most enjoyable car journey.

RAC chief marketing officer John Orriss said: “Having focused on children in our latest advert we wanted to find out a bit more about their experiences of motoring, and now we have established once-and-for-all who kids really want in the driver’s seat!

“We all have fond memories of family car journeys as children, and long drives are actually a great opportunity for families to spend time together.”

The research also shed light on why ‘are we nearly there yet?’ has been one of the most favoured lines from younger passengers for many generations. When asked the length of Great Britain, more than one in five children answered ‘a billion miles’, while a further 24 per cent believed the UK to measure ‘27,000 miles’, showing that a child’s concept of distance leaves plenty to be desired.



Posted by Leana Kell on 07/01/2013